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  • revthomashall revthomashall Apr 23, 2013 1:11 PM Flag

    Almost done with 1.92, now to the 1.93

    Agree with Mississippihohn, let's get this over with. Most of us are waiting for the $2 price or less like $1.98.
    Haven't done analysis, but my thought is, buyer will get $2 here, sellers get money freed up for more aggressive investments to make up for losses in JADE.

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    • Looks like we're stuck still at 1.92. Seems that one hand is putting bid at 1.92 and that the other hand has ask at 1.93, and numerous amount of shares at these prices. Could be a ploy, by those holding lots of shares to keep price down, one bidding 1.92, other asking 1.93. Guess I'm just paranoid.
      Dark, book value has little significance here, and even growth, and truly no white knight. It's just waiting, and waiting. They want to get as much below $2 as possible.

    • I keep looking at the pps chart and it appears that Jade "flat-lined" at $1.92 but with Jade you never know. After losing sleep and hair during the "de-listing" scares, this period is like a walk in the park. I keep asking myself how can a company with such a growth record and so much potential be selling at 40% discount from book value? Isn't someone going to start acquiring these discounted shares and won't that lead to an increase in the pps?

      I'm not ready to give up the ship. My regret is not buying in heavier when the pps was $.37. Good luck to all...I'm doing research now on the 3D printing stocks...alledgedly the next high tech area.


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