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  • mississippijohnhurt1 mississippijohnhurt1 Jul 9, 2013 7:57 AM Flag

    The Fat Lady has Sung


    What a disappointment.
    I gave up a few cents to be on the safe side but really regret those buys I made in the +$4 range!

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    • Unfortunately...I must agree...the Fat Lady has sung,,,and the party is over. I reluctantly sold out my position. My feelings about the management's "executive skills" remains positive but their treatment of outside investors borders on larceny, After almost eight years ( of great revenue growth and solid balance sheet performance) I can only defer to a comment that Warren Buffett made that the most important element in choosing an investment is the honestly of the management. Jade is a textbook example of a thriving enterprise with a dishonest management.

      Best regards to all posters---this was a good group..

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Mississippi. I can relate. When the company originally announced the Fountain Vest Financing I thought that to be a huge positive and purchase at $4.00. Not until 3 months later when I saw the terms of the deal, and the high interest rate, the stock already down almost 50%, I knew I was toast, and actually predicted something like this would happen, but thought Chapter 11, and then Fountain Vest and management screwing us over in the bankruptcy filing. These #$%$ are no better than Bernie Madoff. My head was in the sand, and the history, Haris "the insider trader" Tajyar, and other signs, should have been a clear sign for this event. e