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  • stock_freak_on_the_net stock_freak_on_the_net Apr 8, 1999 5:30 PM Flag

    hot internet stock....

    Groundfloor opportunity! JNNE, do your dd's. Lot of time to get in, the company's just starting to implement their marketing strategy.

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    • The company is in the middle of changing public
      relations firms. They have already signed with the new
      firm, but they must wait for there contract to run out
      with the old firm, which will happen the middle of
      this month. LJ International doesn't want to release
      any news with the old firm because they always mess
      things up, so they are waiting for the new firm to take
      over. Expect alot of good news the middle of this
      month, and a nice price jump as well. I'm sticking with
      this one.

    • According to the MACD and MACD histogram
      indicators jade started an uptrend a few days ago. I would
      get in now. Starting an uptrend a week or so before
      they go on the internet, what more could you ask for.
      I'm thinking 15-20 realistically by the end of the
      month, probably by the middle. GO JADE!!!

    • Hi I just bought in today.
      Largely as a result of reading
      this board. You should consider
      that a compliment.
      Last week I bought CTHR.
      They "grow" gems.
      Glad to be here.Lou

    • Received an email from Michael Fearnow of
      investor relations: "e-commerce site scheduled to be in
      operation by end of May, 1999."

      I would expect JADE
      to be quiet until then but the volume the past two
      days has been strong. This is the first time volume
      has been over 50,000 for two days in a row since Feb
      17/18 if you leave out the pump and dump days of Mar 31
      and Apr 1.

    • MANC_www_MarketPlace4U_com_soon MANC_www_MarketPlace4U_com_soon Apr 26, 1999 2:10 AM Flag

      but even the companies putting up web sites don't
      know until they put it up. It seems that most web
      sites are delayed. After MANC launches , I will be buying a load of JADE, but now I'm
      100% in MANC. Both MANC and JADE are undervalued even
      without retail eCommerce web sites.

    • Does anyone have a clear date for the website
      opening? Someone should call the shareholder relationship
      office for the releasing date. As expected, the
      releasing date always delayed. CDSC was supposed to release
      the launching of website on 3/31. However, it is just
      released today. If JADE also delays the launching, our
      money will be dead money for at least another month.

    • Hi Folks,

      I feel lost in the last two
      weeks since I can not get access to the JADE message
      board due to the name change. I did not sell the 2000
      shares during the scam. I am not on a margin call so I
      am not so worried about those shares. Now the
      message board is up again. Everyone is welcomed to post
      Looking forward to hearing from your voice.

    • -Felt all alone without my LJ message board.
      Seems as if we missed a few days due to the symbol
      change. Can't say much has happenend volume or dollar. Is
      the web site release date in May ? Is it on schedule
      ?? Anyone with any news ?? Just a quick folow
      up--posted MFNX less than a month ago on this board. Posted
      price was 43 today it is at 73 hope some of you did you

    • There is no bug, they just have not changed the
      ticker symbol.
      The easy way around it is to enter the
      msg board. When the error comes up, add an F to the
      symbol JADE in the location bar. That's all


    • Due to the symbol change, you cannot access this
      message board from the YAHOO quote page. I reported the
      bug two days ago, but it has not been fixed yet. It
      seems that they need more complaints before they fix
      it. Please report the bug

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