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  • pvtser pvtser Apr 29, 1999 10:00 PM Flag

    Look at the warrant chart

    Interesting chart-If you look at the warrant
    chart (JADEW) there seems to be a more distinct upward
    trend compared to the common. Does this suggest any
    accumulation on the warrant side in anticipation of the web
    site ?? I Have both warrants and common. I am starting
    to see a positive return on the warrants. I hope
    this is a sign of things to come.......come on
    LJ..Papa needs to be put into a higher tax bracket :)

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    • She was as subtle also and her intentions were well understood. Just like yours.

    • ok...I'm outa here. Everybody's gone anyway. Fun is over

    • Why don't you ask at a board where you haven't
      stabbed the long's in the back? I fully know the answer
      to your question, but after reading your posts, I
      really don't feel like answering you. What changed with
      this's still the same stock it was 1 month
      ago, except for a bunch of day-trader looking to make
      it into an overnight wonder trashed it on this
      board. I undterstand their trechery. But yours?

      Before I bought this stock, I spent many hours finding
      everything I could about this company. I called Karl Foust
      long before his famous posts, and interviewed him. Why
      don't you do the same. And stop talking about things of
      which you obviously have no knowledge.

    • It seems that JADE investors aren't very
      sophisticated, or I'm missing sumthin. Why do the jade warrants
      shadow the common by a minus 3 points no matter how far
      it goes up, even when it peaked at 11/8. My logic is
      that as the common goes up further, the difference
      between the common and warrants should increase, to the
      point where if, for example the common is 20, the
      warrants would be 20-5.75= 14.25 or thereabouts. But if
      the current trend continues, there is no use in
      buying the common, just trade the warrants, as you get a
      better percentage gain, and there appears to be even
      less downside than the common. Anybody can explain
      this? The only thing I can think of is that until the
      common is an established double digit price, the
      warrants will keep its $3 margin.

      Another thing
      I'm thinking about is that there are a lot of
      high-priced shares out there (ie, shares bought by folks that
      were left "holding the bag") and this, in terms of
      psychology, causes a high level of resistance as the stock
      attempts to move up.

    • I'm out too
      there might be some more big news
      coming... I'm not taking any chances. The much anticipated
      e-commerce has come and gone (in terms of the company's
      I wonder what other news could raise eyebrows, for
      a stock
      that's seems to be tethered to the $5
      line since forever

      If he's out why is he here?

    • Just you didn't make big bucks instantly isnt a reason to trash this stock and run scared. Nothing has changed since Tokyo's posts. I still long and I'm staying long. Rots of Ruck....

    • first it was portals, then books, then cds, then
      software, then
      online brokerages, then what's the next
      hot investing area?


      is great stock for my free money. I put it in there
      that it won't go below 3 and at any moment can go to
      40 when
      some big portal picks it up. Maybe Amazon
      or other may go
      shopping for a jewel like JADE.
      Valuation is so low that it
      would be a steal. They have
      good infrastructure, expansion shows
      that when
      needed, they have the experience to expand again
      again their manufacturing facilities. Lack of info on
      this stock
      keeping the big boys away, but it's just
      a matter of time before
      some investment firm
      will wake up and take a chance on this
      company. All
      speculative on the upside. But like I said, down
      side is
      what- 3? How realistic is that? Company has
      above 3 just doing their bricks-n-mortar. Anyway, hope


    • Without trying to be overly optimistic, I would
      agree that the planned sell anticipates an expected
      jump in price. Also since the float is so small on
      this stock, they have to wait until there is some
      decent volume to absorb their shares. However, I've been
      disappointed before... (but not with Jade).

    • Sound plausible.

      Thanks for your insight.

    • Yes, there is a difference between "planned Sale" and "Sold". They haven't sold yet, but they must announce that they....planne sale.

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