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  • marcia676a marcia676a Dec 6, 2005 8:09 PM Flag

    Hand Delivering Market Analysis

    It is easy to hand deliver a market analysis. Why would someone not believe that?
    You have the address and the person is in your town. I have rung door bells or left MA's in mailboxes. I have recently been mailing instead because usually, the person who made the request is not the person who answers the door. I was imagining someone checking on value without the spouse's knowledge. If the requestor is not the owner of record (we have access to tax records through the multiple listing service), then I don't drop off or mail, just email. Many requestors do not even read the market analysis they requested. They are free to opt out from future emails but very few do.

    As I said before, I closed one deal in the 12 months. I have to admit that I am not working the leads except for the initial market analysis. Most say they are not selling for 12 months - probably so that they don't get bugged. The one lead I got was from out of town and she apologized for making me work on her request because she was going to sell to her tenant directly. I gave her free advice and comparables and she thanked me, saying she did not know that she was going to make work for a Realtor. 6 months later, she called to list the property with me, saying I was really helpful. I made 4.5 times my annual cost. My leads get my newsletter besides the HV automatic newsletters. I suppose I will work the leads this year if business slows down.

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    • Hi Marcia! Have you been reading the House Values agent forum? The newsletter hasn't been going out for months and plenty of agents are demanding their money back because of that. Just thought you'd want to know.

      P.S. A lot of subscriber's lead's e-mails block receiving the drip campaign. I guess it's just as well you haven't worked the leads because the system isn't working anyway.

    • Marcia,

      What was the sale price on that transaction ?

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      • $750,000 sales price with 6 offers. I'm paying only $240/month for at least 3 leads so it is worth it for me to continue to subscribe. In my comments to the leads, I generally refer them to my website so if they are not selling now, they might remember me or at least my face but this area is flooded with agents already. Tide is turning to a buyers' market though and I am seeing more and more 3% to selling agent versus the normal 2.5% for this area as well as price reductions. In a slow market, it might not be worth taking a listing if it is over-priced. You will be spending your time holding many open houses.
        Been selling real estate for 25 years now.
        I guess I had better make a New Year's resolution to work the leads. Should be interesting to see what happens with those leads that said they would be selling in 12 months.

        I don't own the stock but enjoy reading the board messages.