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  • therealtyagent therealtyagent Jan 27, 2006 8:24 AM Flag

    Earnings on February 28

    isn't that kind of late??

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    • Sir you sound like a gentlemen, so I will gladly accept your offer of civility and future deference. On February 28 the earnings will be released along with, hoepfully, various figures such as Subscriber numbers and churn rate.

      If what you say about their business model is in fact true, and their service is not worth the price, then the growth in subs will be at and end. After all, one can only grow a ponzy scheme so long before the word of mouth cuts off your supply of suckers.

      If we see sub growth rates, quarter over quarter level off sharply, or we see revenue or net margin growth decline year over year, and or if churn rates climb signifigantly, then I shall tip my hat to you sir. After all, ownership of SOLD is by no means a religious act. If the company has no future so be it. Hopefully I will be able to excape with a handlefull of profit, but if not, so be it. We can't win them all, and when we don't we must be true men of character and admit our folly.

      I look forward to February 28, when we shall see who is right, at least for the immediate future.

      Good Day to you sir.

    • See - you think you know what you are talking about but don't.

      There is alot more to the real estate industry then selling houses and generating leads. There are things being developed and going on that you have no clue of... but that's o.k.

      And I don't think Zillow has a chance IMHO... if they are going to do what I think they are. Their patent applications are a joke. Sure they'll throw money at it.. but in the end it will fizzle like all the rest... and the investors will get scammed like they do on HV.
      Changes are coming but they will be MADE AND ADOPTED by those in the industry... not those outside the industry.

      You and others find it hard to imagine that someone who has no ownership in this stock would post regularly about about it's poor business model... but that's the case with me.
      Absolutley horrible business model.

      So be amused, be entertained and have the cayonnes to admit you were wrong when this tanks.... and I'll do the same if it takes off.

    • Run out of negative things to say now that the stock is recovering - and this is all you can come up with now?

      Discussion volume has taken a hit since the shorts are losing theirs (shorts, that is).