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  • mintredhead mintredhead Feb 9, 2006 3:16 PM Flag

    Any realtors ever use their leads?


    Are they good leads?

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    • Go to and read about what other subscribers say about HV. Promise to be brave enough to read all the horror stories....

      Caveat Emptor.... Buyers' beware!

    • The leads are just leads. Period. As such don't get suckered into paying $100 per lead. Read the fine print, there's no guarantee that the lead you get from their website will convert into a sale. Here's a summary of what you get:

      A. Angry leads. These people were shocked that their private information were sold to real estate agents. Beware of these guys as they can report you to your local real estate board and you might lose your license if you pursue.

      B. Dummy leads. At lot of these are generated by newly minted realtors just trying the system.

      C. Sellers/Buyers already working with realtors. They just want to use this website to validate the price of the homes they are selling or buying.

      I've been with my subscription for about 9 months. So far I'm down by about $4K with nothing to show. I'm using other lead generation tools (direct mail, newspaper advertisement, direct e-mail, and Google and Yahoo search advertisements) and I'm more successful with these and with this scam. As as word of advice, please read the fine print, and if you're planning to subscribe, get a lawyer.

      Good Luck!

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      • For anyone out there who thinks the leads are worthless. Can I have them? As I understand it, HV does not sell you listings, they sell you leads. Saying that the leads are bad/worthless is similar to saying that "This Bowling ball sucks." just after you throw a gutter ball. The leads are not the issue, how you manage them is.

        Again and again agents fail to remember that they are sales people, which they need to cultivate leads, that leads have different maturities.

        Ask any good sales person what they do for the majority of the time and they will say that they are finding leads and working leads. Closing is the residue of hard work.

        Now to your points:
        Angry leads: I believe the term is called opt in marketing. "Your request will be forwarded to a Licensed Real Estate Agent or Broker for processing. " - no lawsuit there. BTW this verbiage is in bold and red writing.

        Dummy Leads: This is your competition that is going to be following up on people that are "requesting information" not all of them are newly minted. That is being naive.

        Sellers/Buyers: Great opportunity. They do not trust or like their current agent so if they contacted you, fair game.

        Final point, get leads from anywhere and use a follow up system that can manage 1000's of leads, sends a clear consistent message. HV market leader is better than anything out there and is where the value is. There is no way that you can tell by looking at a lead and know if it is going to be good. If you can I will take you to Vegas.

        For all others on the "strong Sell" bandwagon. Are you Naive of Stupid?