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  • therealtyagent therealtyagent Feb 10, 2006 11:28 AM Flag

    Any realtors ever use their leads?

    "For all others on the "strong Sell" bandwagon. Are you Naive of Stupid?"

    Salmon... go spawn your jibberish somewhere else. You have no clue as to the realities of the business... so you say.

    How can you tell us the HV marketleader program is better then anything else out there if you're not using it? Do you know what the value of that segment is vs. the cost for leads charged? Are you so naive to think that agents don't know where to get drip marketing campaigns for a fraction of the cost? Are you stupid enough to think that all the agent backlash is simply from agents who don't know how to sell?

    There will be a meeting of all satisfied HV longs at a diner soon. The table seats 4.

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    • Anyone... Anyone can get a real estate license. In fact it is one of the lowest barriers to entry jobs out there. 50% of all agents that begin the business are out in one year.

      So, Yes part of backlash if from agents that do not know how to sell real estate and are frustrated. The other is from agents that are not able to adopt new methods of marketing themselves. I have yet to meet and agent that has cornered the market on the perfect refrigerator magnate.

      It is a cut-throat business and not suited for everyone that is looking to "work less and make more money" #1 reason a person gets into real esate.