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  • therealtyagent therealtyagent Jun 21, 2006 5:23 PM Flag

    new 52 week low

    I predicted $7.20 and we're almost there... it may go lower.

    For those of us in the industry... not a surprise.

    Speaking for all of the agents here and people who are actually in the business.... and this is directed to all the pumpers/justifiyers and think-they-know-it-alls out in Seattle... told you so.

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    • You are pretty accurate on this one. Let's see whether this will hit the 4's next month....

    • Smug and clueless enough to know it would go up yesterday.

      Stocks rise and fall (which of course you didn't predict several months ago when you called a straight drop down).

      Like I said, if two mechanics look at my car and say the car will die, but the first one says it's because the engine will go and the second one says the transmission will go, when the transmission goes does the first mechanic get to say "I told you so!" Nope, they look dumber than they would have if they hadn't said anything at all or predicted the car would keep running just fine. Your posts have never predicted a drop because of a guidance change which was made based on future investments.

      Smug and clueless after making a tidy gain yesterday because of people like you, thanks again for playing, go back to pretending to be a successful agent on anonymous boards.

    • Typical Raining... smug and clueless.

      This got to within 4 pennies of where I (and others) called it almost a year ago. Not bad if you ask me.

      This company is going down the tubes because, like you, they have a smug attitude and think they can doubletalk the market. May not happen this time around but it will sooner or later.

      This will be my last post because I've spent entirely too much time here... and my original purpose was to warn investors of an impending drop.. which happened.

      Thanks to all the brokers/agents who provided input. I wouldn't be surprised to see this drop into the 5's when they run out of agents to screw.

    • <<I get emails all the time from HV soliciting my business. Funny thing is that their mail merge program is broken. They say that they have clients that need help now in my "Unknown area". Check out the comical email I received this morning:

      Good Morning x,

      I realize this is an early request, but I need your reply before you begin your workday. 16 of our prospective home buyers and sellers need a local agent in your part of town and your name came up as a reputable agent in the Unknown area.

      If you are IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE, visit us here or call x. If I don�t hear from you soon, I will contact the next agent on my list.

      To avoid missing out on potential real estate transactions, call x or visit us here before you begin working this morning.>>

      Good to see another agent who is able to see SOLD for what it truly is...nothing more than a boiler room operation.

      Just curious, have you had the "pleasure" of speaking to one of their Sales Rep's? Now THAT is comical!! The two I spoke with sounded like they were in High School!! Even used the phrases, "We advertise, on like, CNBC. CNBC, is like, watch by millions of people daily and, is like, really good exposure for potenial, like, buyers...". was hilarious!!

      Short any and all bounces...the smoke and mirror charade is about to be exposed, imo. Those of us in the industry have quite an advantage here ;)

    • Nice editing. I am quite confident that it is a tad more complicated than mail merge.

    • You predicted a straight drop, which obviously didn't happen. I liken this to a mechanic:

      I go to my mechanic and he says, "your car is going to die, the engine is the problem". A few weeks go by, my car dies. I take it to another mechanic who says, "looks like your transmission is toast". He replaces it and the car runs fine. Does the first mechanic get to say "I told you so"?

      We'll see what happens when earnings come out.

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