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  • million_shares million_shares Mar 21, 2007 4:00 PM Flag

    My stock is 440% up today.

    My stock is 440% up by now today. Bought it on 2/22/07 and this is my disclosure. My opinions below:

    Don't buy it. It's not for your stomach....

    Part of my message from another board.....
    Buy JDSU (close to the bottom), TCX (huge buyback, insiders buy, doubled net income, profitable) and AAV (very high dividends) today. imho

    Thanks a million

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    • not enough - have a lot better results.

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      • hpnn is more than 100% up again today. Last Friday was up big time also, but this is not a time to buy hpnn. It's time to sell it. I'm close to 500% up on my last February super high risk hpnn purchase.

        What's next? Bought TCX last Friday and today. This is low risk stock, but it should double or triple on valuation and it is ..... profitable with great balance sheet for a change.

        My 10.54 AAV buy order was not executed, but it was close according to the computer. The lowest price that day was 10.55 I do not watch my orders and stocks all day long.
        I check them three, four times daily.

        All my opinions above.

        Thanks a million

    • I really hope you sold every share.

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      • I speculate for additional 50%-100% tomorrow, but I sell if I see another 50% up. Enough is enough.

        The best day in my trading history! 440% UP today!
        Bought this stock on 2/22/07 and what do I see today?
        .... and this is not the end of the story. Watch just for fun tomorrow.

        I was many times in stocks that jumped 50%-200% per day, but I was never in

        The next huge winner with a little risk (because the company is profitable, doubled the net income, increased cash significantly, very fast growing, huge stock buyback, insiders buy, trading at 1/3 of its value) is TCX.

        I'm buying TCX and there are no questions I buy AAV tomorrow for fat April dividends.

        Do your DD on TCX and on AAV. You will be able to see why
        do I buy them now.

        AGAIN: Don't buy hpnn tomorrow. You should do it yesterday.

        AAV may jump 30%-50% up on the possible tax elimination. When do they vote on that?

        All my opinions above
        (but my hpnn purchase on 2/22/2007 is under the disclosure)

        Thanks a million

        I'm 440% more happy today than yesterday.......

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