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  • rmsacc rmsacc Apr 6, 2013 5:42 PM Flag

    nsmnyc, anything at all to report?........

    I guess one must get used to being left in the dark to a certain extent with companies at this stage. Just checking in, Hope all's well..............

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    • That is all the new info I was able to glean, otherwise, nothing else on their existing trial, money, other collaborations, or the non dilutive Grant request. I was concerned with the current Federal Gov't sequester, as I know all Gov't orgs have had to sequester and try to save money somehow while the Gov't figured out their Fed budget and how to avoid the current and hopefully temporary deep cuts. I know the NIH has had to do their share and has felt an impact. Not sure how this affects their Grant programs and applications from last year. I am sure this will realign properly soon though, as I am sure there are enough people in the WH and Senate that will prevent any long term negative impacts.

    • Morning, how are you? Well, only thing new I have noted recently is the following, some you may all already know as it is all in their recent public info:

      1. Have a new Director Sherry, with Finance Biotech experience. Supposedly already was consulting to them. Looks like a good addition.
      2. Did some PR with the corp roadshow, this has provided exposure with new possible investors. The videos they put together were actually very informative:
      a) Dr Glynn, expressed similar info as we have seen before, they are on the same track but I did take note of their collaboration with the Cancer center who are their landlords. This could be interesting, as of course all their endeavors with their technology. Most interesting thing I took away: Optimism on the next 3-6 months. Not sure specifically why.
      b) Dr Knutson, their Mayo collaborator, has a newly added role at the Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute of Florida as A Research Program Director in Oncology. He has significant funding for his programs. I would say that yes this is not all relevant to Tapimmune, but is good as they are already key collaborators. He supposedly also has his position at Mayo. Not sure the details of this last part, but he is obviously a very good researcher and it is great to have his association. He spoke of course of their existing collaboration with Tapimmune.

      3. I was able to find some web chatter on the current trial, that they were still looking for some final volunteers. Not sure if they closed this out yet. I am sure it is hard to find not just people with the type of cancer, but individuals who have already used specific prior treatment, as I think this was some of the prereqs. Anyways, they are very thorough, and I am sure this will ensure a proper trial throughout with results we can be proud of.

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