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  • danz1983 danz1983 Oct 10, 2011 11:45 AM Flag

    Relax... Headed to $8 before Christmas...

    Oh I am Headnorth... methinks I'm taking off after lunch and celebrating. Waited a long time for this one.

    I'm not sure I agree it will be 8$ by Christmas though; by my figures Cardium with take 20% +/- of the ulcerous wound care market in the 4th quarter 2011 here.

    It won't be until April-May 2012 that cardium see's 8-10$ a share imo after publishing 4-Quarter 2011 results and 1st Quarter 2012 results - by which point Exellagen should be at minimum 40%+ of the diabetic ulcer treatment market.

    By Christmas I crunch numbers and come up with 5-5.50 a share - pending no major run-ups, which with biotechs, always went to happen when drugs are approved by the FDA, Produced and Sold.

    Beautiful, beautiful Monday today my fellow longs.

    In 6 months Cardium will control 40 or more of a 150million dollar+ per year continual revenue stream.
    75%+ in a year.

    Cardium will be 12-15$ pps this time next year.

    Proud to have stayed long and strong over 2 1/2 years with Cardium

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    • HeadNorth/Danz...Cheers! I gotta tell you two years ago from reading your DD and postings, I sold everything else I had and went all in to CXM...and have been holding since. Saluto tuto!

    • Danz,

      I thought you had left. I guess you just got tired of the bashers.

      I'm glad we held on. This is going to be great, long term.

      The numbers I calculated were based on 100% market share, so I guess your timing is more reasonable.

      The thing is, Regranex really isn't an alternative - besides the problems, it is said to not work nearly as well. So when this stuff hits the market, the market may be bigger than the current market for Regranex.

      I really like the fact that CXM will now be able to fund the studies in Generx. That will make for a very wonderful expansion.

      Just glad you hung on to enjoy this...

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      • LOL Thanks Healy and Headnorth =)

        Yeah I got tired of the bashers and BS.. it was like banging your head against the wall. You'd present facts, figures and logical rationale.. they would throw up 20 posts of garbage. So I stopped posting for a while.

        Pretty hard to see them bash an FDA approval though =)

        HeadNorth I know what you're saying about regenerex being junk and excellagen vastly superior but it will take time for existing patients to be converted off; for other doctors to be persuaded etc. Realistically I see a 50% share by Christmas but I always hedge by rough estimates down by 20-25% or so - so 40% of the market by then should be about right.

        Wouldn't be a huge shock to see them with a 90-95% market share in a years time,

        I feel I may have just hit the big one with this you guys. I sitting here right now beyond happy - there were MANY times during the past 2 years I considered selling half or 3/4 of my position and try to make that money grow.. but I did.

        I, and all of us long, will be well rewarded for our patience my friends. Salud! =)


    • Bump

      Lot of wrong predictions.

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