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  • rocknraptor rocknraptor Jul 19, 2013 4:14 PM Flag

    1.27 close right on schedule

    The 4 million won't last long under this crew. They're like kids in a candy store.

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    • Well it lasts until september. So in september the big dilution will start, they need 2.6 million every quarter. On the other hand, it wouldnt surprise me if they would give themselves a bonus and a salary raise for outperforming in speed. They move like snails when it comes to work, but they race if they can get free money. Maybe one hasnt noticed but we only have had a nonstop serie of bad news and zero good news.
      I seriously doubt they move at all over there in SD when Cardium is involved. I guess its just a paper office with some small activities as a cover and for the rest: thats what it is: free money for 14-20 people. Even the fancy websites look fake - just to give the impression they are serious business.
      One could expect this from a pinksheet otc stock - but it is a complete mytery how this company can be listed without investigation of the sec - because it gives signal after signal: we are scam/fraud.

    • It's only $1.7 mil cash especially since the first amount of cash from preferred shares is gone. Management spent it trying to get till todays sale of shares.
      Soon enough more selling of the authorized shares leftover before it gets below $1.00.
      Shorting CXM is the only way to make up losses or as I have made profits. Management hasn't shown they can sell products and qtrly report is coming out once again to prove failure.

      Check out vvus, vivus their largest shareholder sued and now they have a new ceo and management changes.
      cxm's largest shareholder will own EXCELLAGEN for a $1 mil cash sooner then you can believe possible.
      then cxm management can use it for GENERX ads to try and raise mney to start the trial

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