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  • justmeagain7 justmeagain7 Sep 28, 2013 12:49 PM Flag

    For The New Pumpers

    To Go Brands revenues are not going up, they've gone done each quarter and simply create more losses.

    In the 2 years since FDA "clearance" ( Excellagen is NOT "approved" by the FDA). AS of June 2013 or 21 months. Total revenues from Excellagen are about $93,000. From the figues given by another shareholder it means in all that time only enough Excellagen was purchased to treat between 70 and 140 patients, and that's only if all of it's been used and it's not sitting in cold storage somewhere collecting dust.

    With the millions of chronic wounds each year in the US if that's not pathetic I don't know what is. That's with Academy selling to the VA. I at least have to wonder why the VA only bought such a small amount. Insurance is not an issue with the VA. Show me any other wound care product EVER that's only been used to treat 70 to 140 patients in 21 months. THERE ARE NO OTHERS with such dismal numbers. At some point you have to ask why.

    lu249•Apr 9, 2012 9:06 AMFlag

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    -Excellagen requires application at only one or two week
    -Excellagen - 83% of patients achieved complete wound
    closure in 14 weeks.
    -Excellagen 1 application costs $95

    then 14 weeks of cures require tbetween 7 and 14 applications.

    The cost to cure 1 patient (or a wound) is between 665-1330 dollars.

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