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  • walsingmalinda walsingmalinda Feb 28, 2010 11:40 AM Flag

    I've owned this dog since 2005

    wft...This dog you are referring to is doing what 12 of other CEFs we own are doing. The only funds we sold at a gain this year are PTY and PGP, both PIMCO fds. The problem you and us are encountering is due to the fact that this recession is still going on and will be for some time I'm afraid. We hought this fund earilier this year. In this market environment, patience is a necessity. We have fds that are still 25 to 30 percent down. We consider them worth holding onto. Hope we are correct. Good luck to you.

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    • I sold this prior to exdiv last month and it has gone up since then. I do believe this is a good Closed End Fund with alot of upside potential. I will wait for a better price. I have switched to NLY, HTS and AGNC in the interim. At least the yield is above 15% on all of them.

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      • I can understand the perpective of anyone who bought any closed-end funds prior to the end of 2008. They have almost all declined significantly from the IPO price.

        However, at this price and with these holdings and yield (all of which is earned dividend income, i.e., no NAV erosion)combined with the reasonable leverage that the fund has, I think this fund has more potential for capital appreciation than many closed end funds over the long-term.

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