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  • wardsown wardsown Nov 2, 2007 10:00 AM Flag


    Did I miss something?

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    • Take a minute and review some of my recent posts... i'm admittedly a bear and have been posting to warn folks lead to PCL as a "safe-haven" not to buy at this price... it'll drop and you will be able to get it cheaper... that said, there will probably be a bounce into which you could sell if you agree with me - or keep if you believe the others.

      Be critical in your examination, though, as i have yet to see the cheerleaders produce any defensible data.

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      • The "sudden drop" is due to fear. All financials and REITs are being affected, regardless of quality. This, too, will pass.

        Mr. G, if you don't have a position in this stock, why on earth are you posting here? Perhaps you are a disgruntled ex-employees with an ax to grind? Or a very bored individual with WAY too much time on his/her hands? Your posts are nothing but scare mongering. Just goes to show what an unemployed geologist knows about investing. And, BTW I'm not a cheerleader, just an investor who does careful DD and buys for the long haul. You need to move on.

      • BigCharts still looks positive on PCL but things can change in a hurry. I had a gain turn into a loss today so will see what happens from here.