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  • cleto487 cleto487 Feb 2, 2009 6:30 PM Flag

    rust.. did u understand?

    analyst estimat 9 cents for next qtr and i think 1.10 fo r the year.. Mgmt says almost 1. dollar for the first but 1.30 1.60 for the year.... what is with the first qtr? is this som kind of extarordinary item, but sale of land is within their normal operation, sorry if i am so confused but.. thx

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    • The extra gain is propably going to come from gains on discontinued operations. PCL has sold their business in Montana and this should be completed during the first quarter.

      As for the value of the company. Trees grow no matter what the economy does so the value of their timber holdings will continue to grow (no pun) even if they do nothing.

    • I agree with the confusion. I will have to listen to the conference call again but I thought they did say during one of the questions that the extra large first quarter was a land sale extraordinary payment / gain and that the normal first quarter would be about $.05 (operations) with slightly more per quarter the rest of the year to get the numbers they posted in the press release. Sorry to be confused also. I do know they said the distribution is safe which I thought was strange at that time in light of the fact if they wanted to cut the payout they would not be as strong about it as they are. I would think they would be softstepping the payout if they expect to cut it.