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  • T_R_Oglodyte T_R_Oglodyte Jan 27, 2000 2:36 PM Flag

    Do Earnings mean anything?

    there was some discussion of this on the board
    when the REIT issue was first proposed. Review
    messages beginning about June 1998; messages 79 and 80 are
    good places to begin. There are others around there
    that talk about issues such as cash flow and non-cash

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    • decided against investing in PCL for two reasons.
      The first is that I don't understand enough about how
      PCL will function as a REIT in comparison to real
      estate REITS. That is my problem. The second is that I
      have never seen a REIT where the underlying book value
      was so low compared to the market value. I would not
      feel comfortable with it, so I'm staying out. PCL is
      probably a very good investment and I wish all longs the