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  • smarter_of_moron_idiot_imbecile smarter_of_moron_idiot_imbecile Jul 10, 2013 11:44 AM Flag

    The gas compression problem (from jwallisca)

    Here is a post that attempts to shed light on the gas commissioning problem from jwallisca:

    Re: Norwegian Energy update (INA info) // June news = hindsight news


    It is "Unbelieveable" the number of nervous investors in INA. The June production numbers originally posted by S-C had to wait until June was finished to be released, yes, really, those waiting on every undotted "i" and uncrossed "t". Oddly enough, this happened in early July - isn't that amazing. Is everyone following the sarcasm?

    Now, we also knew that there were issues with "plant" [mainly compression]. This meant that the kit to handle solution gas wasn't up and running. Because facilities cannot flare solution gas for any extended period of time, production rates have to be curtailed. Ergo, Huntington production rates are lower than originally forecast, but the facility is processing what it is able to with kit that is running. Everyone still with me?

    Today, we are to get an update of where we are and what to expect. This could involve further delays, or "crack the champagne" it is all systems go! I hope that everyone is still with me. For those who don't know, the oil is still in the ground and can be produced later and possibly at a higher price.

    Think of the delay as kind of like a new car [think new compressors] that you were breaking in that had to go back to the dealer for warranty work as a part broke. In other words, your mileage driven is severely curtailed. You'll be without your car [meaning reduced mileage, or in the case of compressors, reduced oil production] until the dealer gets the new part delivered.


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    • smarter_of_moron_idiot_imbecile smarter_of_moron_idiot_imbecile Jul 10, 2013 7:54 PM Flag

      More comments from jwall on gas compressors:

      Re: A Few Compressed Thoughts ;)


      Compressor issues can be fixed, period. It is a case of what is the problem with them. There might be faults in the instrumentation that are hard to track down, i.e. the compressor train keeps tripping out, or it could be something internal in the compressor like a wheel where some blades let loose. In this case, they have to open the machine up and fix it. This takes time.

      Heck, somebody might have left some material [like a lunch bucket, seriously, it has happened] in a vessel, or pipe that has caused a knock-on effect. There might be liquids spilling through to the compressor that would trip everything out...

      There are so many things [and there often is more than one] that might be the cause for the delay that it becomes speculation. When starting up rotating equipment, especially compressors, it is always a tricky affair. In Huntington's case, the issue is fixable, just when.



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      • smarter_of_moron_idiot_imbecile smarter_of_moron_idiot_imbecile Jul 11, 2013 4:27 PM Flag

        More from jwall:

        Re: A Few Compressed, Stressed thoughts, OIljack


        It is interesting how those who don't know and who do no research start making off the wall hypotheses, which can inadvertently scare others.

        Too many people are used to instant gratification and have no idea what they are talking about when they say that it should already have been fixed. First, you have to find the problem, then you have to solve it in an offshore environment.

        Talk about Dev8 posting from fright, no information and with a smoke and mirrors wording. For somebody who is supposedly technically inclined, it reads like somebody who is highly superstitious, unbelievable.

        If it is a topsides issue and it looks like it is, then it can be fixed, just when. Further, IF one has to pull a compressor apart and rebalance it in situ, this is a lengthy process [see one of my previous posts].

        Those on the platform are trying everything imaginable to get around the vibration issue. If the issue is harmonics, then fixing the one at hand can actually cause another one at a different speed. This is all very touchy - feely.

        I do not know what the exact problem is [IF I did, then we'd already have it fixed - lol], but I do know that it can be fixed [just when].

        I have been to compression sites both on and offshore including one where a vibration specialist was hired and on site to sort the problem out. In that case, it was a piping issue and not the machine. In other cases, it was the wheels of the compressor that needed to be rebalanced, replaced, or fixed [blade issues]. Also, the issue can involve both the compressor and piping, or any number of other causes.

        Yes, very disappointed with Dev8 posting such an unsubstantiated script like he did.

        For those who don't know, when production is also assisted with "gaslift" [to lift the oil column up the production tubing], then compression has to work as the returned gas can be saved only if there is available

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