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  • sende99 sende99 Jul 28, 2008 8:48 AM Flag

    good buy

    Is the the firm kkr will be taking to the NYSE? Is this a good buy? Anyone have any details?

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    • There is information all over the papers (NY Times, WSJ) and on CNBC and other "finance" networks.
      Seems like 79% of the company will stay in the hands of the directors.
      KFN seems not to be involved and I haven't heard even a mention anywhere of KFN.
      The pps though is responding positively if sluggishly to the "news".

    • i caught the headlines today; another private equity going public; i felt so strongly about it that i wanted to leave a message. in general, i frown on the issue of private equity firms going public. i feel that they are double-dipping. private equity firms get funds from investors, and now, if they go public, another stream of play money for the hedge fund managers. i am pushing to duscourage any stocks like these; Fortress Investments being another (similar stock).
      i'm just a regular trader/ investor, w/ no positions in this stock; but just a disgust in some of what happens in the financial world.

      on a more fundamental view: the stock has a current negatvie EPS, and no data on forward earnings, at least on Yahoo Finance.