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  • denniscoe25 denniscoe25 Oct 28, 2010 8:54 PM Flag

    Very different

    About me:

    I'm an old guy...but an infant investor.

    i bought KFN last July on a whim because I'm a huge KKR fan. I remember them from the

    RJ Reynolds Nabisco merger. Remember the "Barbarians At The Gates" book and movie?

    KFN is currently at more than eight times what I paid for it not including the 34 cents they have given me back in distributions.

    I have a smile on my face in anticipation of their next quarterly surprise. I will be very happy if they raise the quarterly any amount.

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    • Does anyone have any theories why we been dropping ? I've been really concerned the past couple days when we slipped below 8.9 which seemed to be support.

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      • Watch the volume around the individual trades. If the individual trades are between 1 and 300 it is the specialists (MM) stiring the pot. If the trades are block trades then activity is for a reason. IMHO, reasons can be month end accounting, option movement effect or positioning for a larger buy or sell by an institution, to name a few.

        I do like the fact the stock recovered Thursday, which means to me a movement up is coming short term. If we were to break down below $8.90 at the close this would be a bear sign, but for now it looks bullish. We will see what happens by the end of the month, day today but I would not be surprised to see KFN around $9.10 at the close today.