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  • valacrosse12 valacrosse12 Oct 4, 2013 12:19 AM Flag

    Obama sux


    Obama is overplaying his hand on the shutdown. The reality is that if he doesn't get off of the golf course and start working with the other side to reduce spending and his $17 TRILLION debt before the debt ceiling he is going to be the one with egg on his face. It will be a failure of leadership if a "so-called" default occurs.

    I'm sure the average American could care less about the shutdown and wouldn't even know that 25% of the govt was shutdown unless he was told about it. It is an amazing fact though that 93% of the EPA is non-essential, I guess most of already knew that.

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    • The tea party isn't interested in talking about any part of the budget, other than Obamacare.
      They aren't looking for a negotiation, they lost, and they refuse to obey a law that was passed.
      And yes the 2012 election was about Obamacare. They lost that too.

      Name one President that would give up his program, that became law, and is only opposed by a small minority in the house?
      Would Bush have been willing to go back and remove "No child left behind", just because a small group of Dems didn't want it?
      It was voted on, and passed, and signed.
      It was declared Constitutional by the Supreme Court.
      The tea party tried 40 different Bills to try to defund it.
      They lost.
      They don't want majority rule.
      They want things their way, or no way.
      You can't negotiate with that.
      Negotiating would mean that the Dems and Obama would give up something on the budget, but not the one thing that the tea party wants.

      I don't care about Obamacare.
      But those tea party wing nuts are nothing but lying lunatics.
      Ask them if they'd be willing to give up Farm Subsidies.

      • 2 Replies to randymoss811
      • are all lost about what is going on. Obama never negotiated Obama care....or affordable care....which it isn't. It is a disaster that he forced a vote on without letting anyone read it....2000 pages worth that no one knew what was in it. What company would ever do business that way?? None!!.

        He is a lunatic thug cry baby...that tosses bs and lies out to the country when he doesn't get his way on top of blaming everybody and everything for his massive failure as President. He is the Divider in Chief... no skills or resume to deal with any issue the US is challenged with. He is anti business, a redistribution of wealth kook that looks foolish every time he opens his mouth. Thank god there are people willing to get this jobs killer #$%$ out of here and pass legislation that will create jobs. Obama is a miserable failure with 3 years left to do more reckless damage to the US. You should be praying to end Obama care and get him out of office while we still have a chance to build something worth having.

        If you can't see it you are either in massive denial or just plain stupid and ignorant!!!

      • andymaxwell Oct 4, 2013 2:51 PM Flag

        randy if obamacare was put to a vote today it would be defeated in a landslide since 70% of the American people are against it in its entirety. congress passed a budget 4 times to keep the government running giving obama everything he wanted except funding the obamacare disaster and it's HARRY REID and the DEMOCRATIC CONTROLLED SENATE who wants the government shut down. you liberals been drinking the democratic party and mainstream media propaganda kool-aid so long you don't even know what country you live in. I hope you or a family member don't get a medical problem so bad that you have to wait for a death panel made up of bureaucrats and irs employees to decide whether or not you have the right to live. when you sign up for obamacare on some bogus exchange you better mark down on that form you are a DEMOCRAT or else the IRS will be harrassing you bud. people like you either never learn or find out you screwed up and it's too late....