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  • isaac_dji isaac_dji Jan 28, 2011 4:22 PM Flag

    PSDV's Price and Vol Starting to KICK SOME DUST!!

    Just the way a BULL does before it CHARGES FORWARD, PSDV's PRICE and VOLUME have begun to KICK SOME DUST.

    PSDV was UP 2.5% as the NASDAQ dropped 2.5% and most stocks followed down. There was a slight battle between the bears and the BUYERS but the BUYING PRESSURE DOMINATED.

    Even Rosey tried to get involved. He/She probably tried to give away shares as long as the takers would agree to bite him/her but there were obviously no takers.

    The BUYERS were clearly happy to buy at the current low prices just as the 36-MONTH DATA ARE ABOUT TO BE MADE PUBLIC. Everyone should keep in mind that a CLASS 1 RESUBMISSION (review length of 2 months) IS QUITE LIKELY.

    And the bears are ready to go into hibernation (sleep well until in late spring).

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    • Rosey,


    • You ask if I am sure. Here is a condensed argument for buying the stock. The clinical trials in the treatment of prostate cancer have been excellent to date. Read the news stories and do your DD to make yourself better informed than anything I could tell you here. There is potential for sales in the billions re prostate drug TH 184. Franchise sales to partnering companies for use of the drug for other types of cancer are huge as well. Fidelity recently added 4.5 million shares. Now to the am I sure part. No, I am not sure, however, if the clinical data that is scheduled to be released Feb 15 at 3:oo pm EST is positive, the stock should double the next day. If not, you could suffer a substantial loss. I have been informed by very good sources that the odds are very much in our favor. Do not bet the farm. My sources think the stock could ultimately be in the 50's. That's a risk worth taking from my point of view. Good luck.

    • Isaac, A warm fuzzy feeling from PSDV today huh? Glad to see late day buyers come in. I was picking up my position all day when it was selling in low volume. I knew it was going to move late .Another couple of days and that should quiet the nay sayers.

    • You are so right. You got a couple of points on the good news. Imagine what would have happened had the news been negative. Check out EXEL.

    • phaseiii Jan 30, 2011 8:59 PM Flag

      I did see cyborgs' wife watching in the audience, but i have never seen her fight. Would she really withstand a Rosey bite? I have to search youtube now for some highlights of her.

      I was late to the party so i didnt see the prelim. fights, but sounds like it was a good fight? i will see if its available on-demand yet.

    • I know, Diaz is deceptive, and he is actually going to box soon, I heard. I have seen him dismantle many guys you wouldn't believe. They look stronger, but he keeps popping them in the face. When they hit him nothing hurts him, then they slowly turn to pulp. He has all the moves, and can submit. He almost tore Cyborg's muscular arm off. I have watched him move up, and used to hope someone would knock him out because I thought he doesn't look that tough and I thought he was getting lucky.

      Not any more..Now, I like the way he fights, asking the others to hit him, while popping their heads back.

      Cyborg was supposed to bust up his lead leg, but Diaz stopped that by coming forward, talking and making pulp of Cyborg's head.

      He talks to them like Rosey talks to Isaac, and Diaz opponents and Isaac have no answers.

      phaseiii, have you seen Cyborg's wife fight? She is much scarier than him. She makes women look like little rag dolls. Like I said if 3 of us were in the ring with her she would break two faces and put the 3rd to sleep in < 30 seconds. A newsman was interviewing her and was kind of thinking she wasn't that good by his questions. She grabbed his head and he was out in 5 seconds, in Isaac land. When she released the choke he woke and didn't know anything about what he was doing. I think he bet money on her or was a fan after that.

      Did you see Hershel Walker? He was crazy.

    • phaseiii Jan 30, 2011 6:18 PM Flag

      Cyborg ran out of gas WAY too quick. I dont get it, if your JOB is to fight you should be in the gym on the treadmill/training/sparring every day for hours building up stamina.. so getting gassed out in the first round doesnt happen.

      How is Diaz with his little boy body still on top, not sure.. guess his opponents arent anything special. What he needs is a challenger such as Rosey, one bite from Rosey - you will be paralyzed for days and no known vaccine exists.

    • I took a look at her. If she bit me, it would be all over. That is one tough woman.

    • Wow! The E. Cyborg fight was great. Diaz won as I would have thought, but Cyborg put up a better fight than Isaac, although Cyborg was pulped.

      Diaz was just too good, talking to Cyborg and egging him on like old Rosey does to Isaac.

      Cyborg tried to kick the crap out of Diaz's front leg, but Diaz came forward quicker and stopped that stuff by snapping Cyborg's head back. Cyborg did well, but ran out of gas like in the past.

      His wife Christine Cyborg was crushed by the loss. She already has the Women's belt and hoped they would both have belts for the sake of history (husband and wife, champions at the same time). She is very formidable, and punches better than most guys in the ring. Iv'e seen her ruin several opponents careers, although I don't know if Gina Curano is retired after her beating from C. Cyborg 1.5 years ago? Three of us would last less than 30 seconds in the ring with here. Two of us would have broken faces and one would be choked out (probably Isaac while holding the CRL letter in her face as a defense). LOL

      Rosey, check her out online. You need a new sport. If she bit you, you are done.

    • EXEL is my major position. I have been accumulating since low 6's. Fidelity bought 4.5 million shares last month. Check out the message board. It is much more civilized than over here. Most likely because I have restrained myself. They have some highly sophisticated posters on it. Again, let me be clear. If the data on 2/15 is positive, we have a huge winner. If negative, it will hurt. I think it is well worth the risk. This drug is hitting it.

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