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  • mickmack50 mickmack50 Sep 13, 2011 3:39 PM Flag

    Roomy Vs. Mickmack pick 'em

    Miss Kitty, I think Roomy is a gone gone. He'll owe me as it soon appears, unless Excel jumps big over the next two days. I hope you're having a great time down under, you may see Roomy hiding out down there. He'll be under the rock from whence he came. Perhaps, that is where is alter ego "Kendolldownthere" originated. Thanks for pulling up the old thread, he was brutal.

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    • Yes, he was brutal on some. Some needed it. It is really strange to think back on how he would post nearly every day and respond to most postings. Notice how the others are gone now, like foul mouth TIMMY CHICKEN BIRD. I think he met his fate on a bamboo chute. Anyway, Rosey's postings are/require an acquired taste. He could shock any noob into submission. One has to be very sharp to ruff him up verbally in posting.

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