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  • mickmack50 mickmack50 Jul 13, 2011 9:43 AM Flag

    New Presentation ..READ

    Simple. PSDV offers a delivery method. Any drug, protein etc, could be used for a specific indication. If PSDV gets another approved platform (they have two) all drug companies have an eye on it. Look into their pipeline platforms. ALIM is just one company with one drug for one indication. ALIM owns the car, PSDV owns the freeway.

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    • PSDV has a major upside potential market is tiny, extremely low volume.
      Great data.

    • Love the analogy! It's a big open freeway too. Let's hope your US economy doesn't put too much of a break on this one.

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      • All equities move up and down with broad macro factors. We are all exposed to those on a daily basis. I like PSDV because it's not a biotech really. It's more of a nano tech. If we use the freeway as a metaphor, we might also say they also own the toll booth. They collect royalties forever on an approved drug using their platform, 20% plus milestone payments. This vehicle alone (no pun intended) will prove to be their way to cover the company nut going forward. If they get into a product with 500mil/ annualized sales,like Illuvien, they'll receive 100mil of it.This is, by the way, the 3rd year projection.
        ......That is the current market cap. Looks like a value to me. Not to mention Tethedur, Biosilicon platforms, all bio-erodible.

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