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  • mickmack50 mickmack50 Dec 13, 2013 3:06 PM Flag

    OK, This Is What We Do Know

    There is no question that PSDV wins the 2013 "can you keep as secret" award. Investors like myself are just chomping at the bit for data that may give me/ us some idea as to how the company is progressing with its Tethadur platform, along with the billion dollar drugs. Good data would most likely mean Big Pharma will be getting in line to license and/or move their drug product into the clinical setting, or both. What we do know is Paul Ashton isn't saying much yet. BUT! the last 10Q report, the company description clearly states that they can deliver biologics. over "weeks, months or years". This is the first time I've ever read this statement under "company description". I invite all to read the last 10Q. The company description is very close to the beginning. Paul Ashton wouldn't allow that to be stated, if it were not true.,he is so careful and matter of fact (to a fault). So, I can only imagine what he and Lori Freedman are doing behind the scenes to build shareholder value, 2014 will be "showtime". Big Pharma wants and needs it badly, and PSDV's going to be there to deliver it.

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    • show us the money. you may be right and I own stock, but I have seen this so many times before with major flops.

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      • Daredevil, If this name of yours implies risk tolerance, this company should be right up your alley. It's always risky to own stock in a tiny micro cap biotech company, it's obvious that it trades like a echocardiogram. And, there are absolutely no guarantees. You can hold or sell. However, if you've done your DD, you just might also recognize that the company's up side is far greater than it's downside. Good luck.

    • Mick:
      Well stated as always. We have the Tethadur technology patented and locked up for a very long time (per VP Corp. Affairs Lori Freedman). Waiting on news re: preclinical data which should be very promising. While many investors have been focused on Iluvien and the upcoming AdCom meeting on Jan. 27 the real story and really big catalyst is Tethadur. Dr. Ashton is not one to speak without careful thought and consideration about the direction this company is heading however I know several of us have picked up on the excitement and enthusiasm exhibited by the good doctor when he discusses this technology. The future looks bright so hold on tightly to your shares. GLTAL.

    • I'm waiting also for that 'any day.' Good to accumulate until then!

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