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  • ozzie168 ozzie168 Jun 13, 2003 1:26 PM Flag

    You are all wrong

    You know what I was never a big fan of Larry after I lost plenty on his stock, but this move in the past few days is pure genius. All you guys look at the black and white picture instead of it in full color. Of course he feels threatened by PSFT, why would he be going out of his way like this if he didn't? This is his ploy to gain business for Oracle and so far the FACTS show he is making the right move. Yes Oracle did do things out of the ordinary, but look at it from a bigger picture. He wants people like all of you to say he is a complete moron now and that he is worried, but in a few months he wil be laughing when Oracle has just wiped out a major competitor by not spending a dime
    (saying the merger does not go through). If you guys don't think the move he made was pure brilliance than I ask you to consult a finance textbook. Bit by bit PSFT will disappear and Who ever is under the name Larry Ellison you have no idea what you are talking about. Yesterday on CNBC Ellison spoke about integrating PSFT and Oracle, or in other words complete bs. His goal now is to buy PSFT and win over their shareholders for $16 or have PSFT reject the offer but take business away from them. In yesterdays WSJ, SAP took out a full page ad saying that before you take the risk of buying software from PSFT or JD, why don't you buy it from a more established who will be able to help you in 2 months. No one knows what is going to happen to PSFT, making customers rethink their business deals with PSFT, playng right into Ellison's hands. It's a war out there and you must read btwn the lines to win.

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    • Yes...seems like a brilliant move, but you neglect to mention the fact that what Larry is doing is illegal.

      For JDEC Larry is committing "tortious interference with contract" (which their lawsuit points out)

      For PSFT Larry is committing "tortious interference with economic opportunity."

      Look these up - then look up Pennzoil vs Texaco. Larry's brilliant move could potentially bankrupt ORCL.

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      • For JDEC Larry is committing "tortious interference with contract" (which their lawsuit points out)

        For PSFT Larry is committing "tortious interference with economic opportunity."

        True, but the jury can not strike it from their minds. Even if it goes to court and If a fine is paid it may be a cheap way to do some expensive damage.

    • No, no, no. Larry is an idiot.

      When you are paying $mils to buy enterprise software, you are talking about a 10-year investment. Most of the low-hanging fruit (the $100M to $1bil revs companies) bought their ERP software 3 years ago before Y2K. The reality is that big ERP vendors are living off of maintenance revenue and consulting. Companies just are not making major enterprise investments right now.

      So, this whole lame notion about Oracle stopping JDEC or PSFT sales is totally wrong. It is about disrupting the JDEC/PSFT competition. Larry thinks that the 15,000 customers (not to mention PSFT/JDEC employees and bp's) just DO NOT MATTER. The only way he can prove this is buy killing the stock prices of PSFT/JDEC long enough to get them cheap enough to pay for the mess he makes.

      The reality is Ellison is too stupid to do it the smart way (friendly). Let's face it, he is betting the future of his employees and stockholders so he can resolve his short-term problems of poor growth.

    • Also Larry has received a ton of free air time to advertise for ORCL. I think Larry is a very bright business man. He does things the old fashion way, killer instincts. Crush the competitor, Rockefeller style. If PSFT does not comply it will be crushed. Thanks for the profits Larry, I'm out.

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      • I'm sorry, you morons that compare enterprise software to Coke and Pepsi are complete idiots - advertising means dittle.

        Companies buy software as investments that they expect to profit from over time. Ellison can get all the TV face time he wants; he looks like a fanatical idiot that would recklessly destroy solid investments in solid companies.

        What kind of companies purchase software from fanatical, unpredictable idiots as a solid near-term investments? What kind of tech shareholders let their CEO make psychotic business propositions?

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