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  • datanurd1 datanurd1 Jun 28, 2003 8:38 AM Flag

    FIRE the management team

    Consider these factors and IMO PSFT is a flaming hold/buy.
    1. Money talks and Larry has it. Expect another offer.
    2. Approximately 1/2 of the PSFT shares are controlled by institutions which have larger stakes in ORCL than PSFT. These entities will decide on the merger based on what is good for them overall. ORCL needs PSFT so throw them in the ORCL camp when the votes are counted.
    3. PSFT is being hurt big time by the threat of a takeover. Who wants to spend millions of dollars on a company that may be defunct in a few months. Even the money back guarantee can't work in the software environment.
    4.PSFT is looking for a white knight. There are several other companys in the mix who would benefit by gobbling up PSFT. I favor MSFT which has more cash than good sense and has an appetite for almost anything close to their lines of business.
    5. Forget DOJ. This is a red herring. Stall tactic and nothing more. Larry can get his way here by simply committing to divest of a few things which will make DOJ go away. It is ok for PSFT to gobble up Edwards but not vice versa. BS.
    In the end, someone is going to get PSFT and the price will be over $20 per share. I am going to hold on tight until then.
    Bottom Line: PSFT can't let it shares wallow around in the $17 range

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