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  • big_saciccio big_saciccio Oct 30, 2009 9:52 AM Flag

    Jack Arz Poster Of The Week

    "I only bet on sure things and this one going to $10 is a sure thing"

    I made a note and saved your post. Pray that NDAQ never goes to $10.00, because if it does you are obtaining inside information that the investment public is not aware of.
    The SEC will take note about your so sure thing of $10.00

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    • Hey bignutsac,

      Save my post, put it on your mirror, refrigerator, car window everywhere. You have me terrified about the SEC though--you big idiot. The SEC would hang up on you or throw your letter away, if that quote is your evidence. I am laughing at how stupid you are.

      Here's some real inside information--you're a moron.

      The SEC is wrapped up with the snake charmer anyway.

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