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UBS ETRACS Mthly Py 2xLvg Closed-End ETN Message Board

  • #1 is EOS which has a 9% divi and a 18% mkt price gain for 20013 ads up to 27% reinvest those monthly divis and if every investment you ever made ,would give you 1/2 that kinda return, wow a hero you would be.
    i for one would hire some one to help me spend my money.
    CEFL, IMHO should and most likley generate north of 18% so at the end of the year it dropped 10% you will still have made 8% on your money.
    Not bad for so called "fixed income" UBS has had good track record on etn's look at MLPL, BDCL
    They have done well for me in the past year.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Bot 2X MORL 1/2 July, 1/2 Aug avg $20. Closed @ $19.75 today. Distributions equals to $17.35 if bot today. Nothing like the power of steady paychecks. lol

    • EOS is still at an 8.6% discount, a product like this may help close that some

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      • ETY is also one of the Top Holdings in CEFL ..and it trades at a 10% discount to NAV ...provides a current yield of about 9% ...returned + 27% in 2013 and +15% in 2012 ...( Total return ) ...and EV is buying back shares on a monthly basis ...over 2.8 million thus far ...reducing the discount to NAV form 14% to the present level ...
        ETY paid out about a dollar per share in 2013 ...but earned $1.93 their large dividend distribution looks to be sustainable least for a few quarters ....
        Looks to me like the UBS placed most of the so called option income CEFs in this product least the ones sporting a 10% discount to NAV and a high monthly yield ....
        The weakness I see ....well ...the funds they purchased typically have a 1.1% annual fee built in ..and UBS is tacking on their .5% or so fee now you are paying 1.6%-1.75% per year the top ...its a bit pricey ....but the big monthly yield should more than make up for that ...

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