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  • thirdcupofcoffee thirdcupofcoffee Feb 17, 2002 9:47 PM Flag

    Lack of substantial news

    Other than financial results and personel announcements, Acacia Research has not given the market or investors any substantial news for more than three months. This is unacceptable. If ACRI was a holding company for a small regional bank in the midwest then we could could forgive the low profile. That is not the case-- venture capital and company development requires (demands) an understanding of the importance of keeping investors informed. Apparently, we are dealing with a management group that is insensitive to the increasingly important skills of investor communications. Paul, talk to your shareholders!!

    Disclosure: Long on equity, short on faith.

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    • They won't answer your post. Guaranteed.

    • They don't care. They tell you very nicely to fuck off.

    • "Other than financial results and personel announcements . . ."? The news of the past 3 months is, in my opinion, a lot more important and substantial than what you imply. I think that you are overlooking a lot.

      There is an announcement on revenues, which although financial in nature, is important in that it points out the status of and success in licensing and collaboration efforts. That sort of news is the ultimate in substance for news releases -- that's what it's all about.

      There is an announcement on a hire that, if you know what you are looking for, gives information on the potential value of a subsidiary that the market currently is assigning no value to. This is the sort of news that gives the thoughtful investor a clue to the future long before the rest of the market figures it out.

      There is an annoucement on the completion of major milestones. Very, very important stuff -- the sort of information that institutional investors eagerly await.

      I think your comments are like a person looking upon a nice steak dinner and saying, "Other than some sort of meatloaf, there's no substance to this meal."

      With all that said, news isn't really the main issue. What people really want is for the stock to go up and for them to make money. I want that, too -- very much so. However, I can't fault ACRI for lack of substantial news recently.

    • You have no idea what Acacia is about.
      Stop your whining kid - sell your shares and move on. Do a CD with your midwest bank.

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