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  • m_cansun m_cansun Dec 18, 2002 5:27 PM Flag

    WallStreetReporter interv. Paul Ryan

    the audio interview is located at wallstreetreporter .com, it's actually a good overview for new investors...

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    • Nothing new. Is that all ? That is his public relation in the media to make the new company better known ? Am I on the Titanic ? What an ignorant he is. He has no idea what a real strategy is. True and hard work for all that money he is getting paid is the minimum I would expect. He screws me the shareholder since years. How many million in options will he get next spring ? Why for a change not buying a few at the open market with own money ?

    • I just finished reading the "ACRI to go after Porn" article. Oh Boy! How silly of me to have doubted Paul Ryan and crew. They are such "super geniuses" to have developed such a brilliant strategy. Of course us mere mortals could not be expected to be able to appreciate the true scale of genius involved. Sheer genius I say!

      Back to reality. They are insane. Can anyone enlighten me on what the culture inside the building at ACRI is like. What ever they are smoking, sniffing, enhaling, reading, etc... I want some to end my misery.

      Ryan and crew may have an MBA but they don't know squat about fighting. There is an old saying that goes: "Looks good, briefs well, works like horse sh_t!

      The Porn industry may look like a soft target at first glance but those boys had better read up a bit on guerilla warfare. This "low hanging fruit" is simply going to melt into the country side and make ACRI come chase them down, one by one. The ones that get found will simply fold up shop, melt away, maybe pay a fine, and re-emerge 6-12 months later undr different names, different locations, slightly different modus opporendi and take their chances with being tracked down again. Most of these folks are operating on the margins of society so they are playing by a completely different set of rules than the "conventional" players in ACRI mgt. Rules the ACRI people both unfamiliar with and unprepared to adjsut to in a rapid and fluid manner.

      I foresee a situation where ACRI is winning all the battles but losing the war. ACRI may think they have all the heavy artillery but they don't realize they are outgunned. You cannot use a sledge hammer to kill mosquitos.

      Finally, this is not like chasing the V-chip issue down (which last time I checked turned out to be FAR, FAR less revenue than originally advertised and far more effort to collect what they did get). In that endeavor they were going after established mainstream companies and it still took tremendous effort for marginal gain. None of these newly targeted guys look like a SONY, Mitsubishi, RCA, Zenith, etc... to me.

      I look forward to the press releases announcing "Today Acacia Media won a civil patent infringement case aginst webmistress Ophelia Somemore operates the 2Kinky4U adult entertainment web site. Company spokesman and Chief Legal Officer IBso Smart stated that this was important victory in thr right of ACRI to protect its valuable intelectual property rights and the company looks forward to many more successful outcomes in the future. Ms Somemore was ordered to pay ACRI $75K plus an additional $50K in damages. Ms Somemores only comment was that she would have to look at selling her "89 Mustang and she thought the whole country was going to hell."

      Good Luck Acacia! The March of Folley is hitting full stride. I am sure that even if they do trap some slow fool the court docketts being what they are will rush these cases to the head of the line. In other words "Don't hold your breath for any stream of cash into the coffers. The only winners in this deal will be the lawyers for ACRI, but should that be a surprise to anyone with any history with ACRI at this point?

      Paul Ryan is an IDIOT. I am an idiot for allowing myself continue to hope for the best in the face of evidence that there were serious problems. I violated a cardinal rule:
      Hope IS NOT a strategy. In God we Trust, all others we demand proof. Ryan has violated the trust given to him and proven beyond a doubt that he is untrustworthy. Ryan must go, NOW. Preferably strung up or tarred and feathered. If there a case against him sign me up as a supporter. I am not a lawyer so I will defer to the legal experts in the forum on this one.


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