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  • annap43 annap43 Jan 19, 1999 4:25 PM Flag

    Vchip Tv's about to hit the market

    To: Louie Romano (584 )
    From: Auric
    Goldfinger Tuesday, Jan 19 1999 3:39PM ET
    Reply # of 590

    Pansaonic announcment from CES, good for ACRI, not good for
    TVL: "To keep specially encoded, mature television
    programs from the eyes of children, all models also
    incorporate the new "V-Chip" parental guidance system. And
    Year 2000 is a non-issue in all of Panasonic's 1999
    VCRs and TV/VCR combinations - they'll work flawlessly
    and tape all your favorite shows well into the next

    Entire article available

    For a broad V chip search on Panasonic's

    TV's availabe with V chip technology by March 1 is the

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    • "Stupid Little....."



      Nice comeback morons. TZ, you used to be better than
      that, , but is expected from the quack/ARP

      That's it, show your rage! hehe

      Still now
      answers? Oh, 38 letters SENT, but how many

      a BIG ZERO!

      That's what your stock &
      collective IQ's probably amount to.

      LOL, so children,
      show us all how to read SEC filings. LOL

      don't know what I'm talking about? Let me help you oh
      clueless ones.....once

      Don't worry, I'll help you with the BIG words. Just try
      to sound like you read it in your next post. :)

    • Didn't someone collect royalities on those first tin can phones?

    • >>> Find the "technical specifications"
      for the implementation of the V-chip as per the FCC

      FCC never mandated the specific implementation of
      V-chip. They just set the requirement of such device.
      They also set the transmission

      >>> Elam invented the engine.

      analogy. But the parellel you were trying to draw is way
      to broad.

      Read all claims in his patent. If
      Carl Elam stopped at claim #5, I would agree to your
      claim. But he went on to include a hardware
      implementation of a concept. He should have stopped at the
      concept level. Unfortunately, you cannot undo nor ignore
      any claim.

      For example ...

      I claim
      ownership on:
      1) A communication device.
      2) Only
      invited parties can listen and talk.

      If I stopped
      here, I would have a case of getting royalties on all
      telephones, cell phone and etc. However, I would shortchange
      myself a great deal by adding a third claim

      This device consists of 2 tin cans and a string.

    • If they change. Find the "technical
      specifications" for the implementation of the V-chip as per the
      FCC mandate. Tell me if the spec. doesn't call for a
      re-hardwiring of the closed caption chip.

      Elam invented
      the engine. If you want to license a piston from that
      engine, you can go to TVL. If you want the car to run,
      you have to license Elam. End of story.

    • Take a look at the Elam patent. Decision
      hardwired gates can only provide one dimensional
      comparison. But some categories have sub-categories also

      Another set of gates will be needed if
      another rating set is adopted. But the major shortcoming
      is the need of hardware upgrade should the ratings

    • Have you read ACRI's annual report? Have you
      taken any time to even look at hits that Yahoo brings
      up? I mean, this is the most basic thing that you can
      do. You will find that they do have a prototype and
      that that they can adapt to MULTIPLE RATINGS if need

    • >>> the number is 38. hmmmmmm!!! wonder what that means.

      Writing threatening letters is all they are capable of doing? They don't even have a prototype to demo?

    • >>> I'll bet it starts heading south
      once the volume dries up and the hype settles

      Much like what happened to ACRI last summer? Like when
      people realized their claim of v-chip monopoly was
      totally bogus? Like when people saw a laughable product
      in Signature-Mail? Like when people not buying into
      BS like 'add-on' technology?

    • Stays up all night and searches the SEC directory
      for anything on ACRI. Now we just have to teach him
      to read it. How'd your stock do today? I didn't
      notice. I'll bet it starts heading south once the volume
      dries up and the hype settles down. Sweet dreams,
      little boy.

    • You really aught to learn how to read SEC
      documents. Then maybe your comments about them would not
      make you sound so stupid. Stupid beyond your

      Oh, by the way, about those ACRI letters, the number
      is 38. hmmmmmm!!! wonder what that means.

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