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  • inforun1 inforun1 Jun 15, 2007 12:38 AM Flag



    I am keeping track of these 3 stocks. I am looking to buy one of these 3 stocks. They all seem like great companies with dividend growth potentials. What do you on these board prefer or recommend buying at this time, at these prices? Your opinion would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in Advance!

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    • Please make your own decision. But IMHO, BPL is the worst of the three. I recently donated some appreciated EPD and bought some more EPD 6/12/07 at $30.39. EPD, IMHO has historically paid a higher dividend than BPL and has better ratios (according to Yahoo Finance)than Kinder Morgan (KMR or KMP) on the following: current ratio, PEG, return on equity, price/sales. KMR beats EPD on return on assets ratio.

      I like KMR and EPD, but have you considered EEQ?

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      • I like KMR for the stock "dividend". With every dividend, my cost tax basis is reduced. The price appreciation in 2007 has been "icing on the cake." I really did not expect it.

        I have stayed away from MLPs, because I have read of state tax "horror stories" where various states (wherever they have operations) send you a tax bill with penalties years after the due date. Many investors go through numerous state calculations for very small tax dollars. Too complicated for me, as I do my own taxes. I have looked at Can-Roys and passed for same reason: tax complexity.

        Does BPL, EPD, EEQ pay distributions in stock with no Federal or state tax consequences?

    • "Your opinion would be greatly appreciated!"

      Invest in all three. I don't think that you will be sorry. I like KMR for the DRIP and no K-1. I'm a unit holder in KMR and EPD.