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  • drd99 Jul 15, 2009 11:21 AM Flag

    Distribution Date - When

    I noticed a recent change in KMR's display information on Yahoo Finance. For some reason that site no longer shows KMR as having a dividend so I sent an email to Kinder Morgan asking specifically if they planned to continue the distribution, which if I recall correctly was pre funded for 2009. They neither confirmed nor denied that a distribution was coming but they did say to keep an eye out for an announcement around July 15.

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    • Yahoo has messed up KMR dividend for a while. Look at the Yahoo historic prices for the KMR dividend. The last one they show was April '08. There have been 4 since then !!

      Yahoo data is not to be trusted much (but is sure is easy to get and use).

    • Per KMP "headlines", Earnings announcement will be webcast 7/15/09 at 4:30 PM EST.

    • What would they show? Shares or Cash. They show a dividend for a stock KMP ok. I think it is the PIK. Yahoo is getting to the point, you don't get cash with KMR and they are not going to set up a special box for just 2 odd stocks.

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      • Yahoo's inconsistency on presenting KMR dividends in their historical price series creates errors in their "adjusted close" you can use to quickly calculate total return. Yahoo continues to report "adjusted close", presenting data that is entirely wrong.

        From July 2001 to April 2008 Yahoo historical series on dividends included the KMR dividend...that is 30 straight quarters of reported dividends. Then Yahoo stopped...failing to report the most recent 5 dividends. They continue to present "adjusted close", but in error due to the missing dividends.

        At least they are consistent...Yahoo also stopped reporting the EEQ dividend (last one reported was May '08).

        Over the ensuing months, every month or so posters here and on other boards ask "hey, why did KMR or EEQ stop paying dividends". I suspect a few of these posters are deliberately misleading readers with more anti-Kinder bashing, but most are likely honest investors trying to figure out what is going on.

        The Yahoo service is free, and I am sure they get their data from another source (I don't know which service). You get what you pay for from a free service.

        I have been tediously calculating total return for KMR and EEQ by hand to do my own analysis of total returns of KMR vrs KMP reinvested (and for EEP/EEQ). If anyone knows of a valid, free data source of the time series data on total return for these investments, please let us know.