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  • nsupper1 nsupper1 Dec 3, 2009 3:51 PM Flag

    Question for Abter1

    Abter1 Sorry but I am not quick enough ..Re: your email address

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    • Sorry...I'm not trying to speak in code to confuse real people (just trying to avoid fairly stupid search engines). There are several ways to go from here.

      1) to interpret how I wrote my email, think of us having a phone conversation, and I say to you "My email address is Abter1 at yahoo dot com". Write it down and see if that comes out looking like an email address.

      2) I took a guess at what your email address at Yahoo might be. See if you got an email at your Yahoo account from me. I know many people (including my wife) don't use their Yahoo email address (even though they have one if they have a Yahoo identity).

      3) If #1 or #2 doesn't help, although I don't recommend it (because of the email harvesting problem) if you want to post your email address here online I will send you an email.