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  • NORCROSS2 NORCROSS2 Aug 7, 2012 12:52 PM Flag

    Future tax increases squeezing KMR up?

    You guys need a Republican to comment here to give some sort of balance. Well I am a Republican, but I do fall in the middle of the spectrum regarding taxes. My position is very unpopular because practically nobody believes we should raise taxes for everybody. The President won't compromise on this, same for the Tea Party, Democrats, and Republicans. Notice how the 98% are so sanctimonious about how their taxes must not be raised, but the rest should be. The argument originally in Congress for lowering the tax rates was because we had a temporary Budget surplus. We need to go back to all the rates of 2000...for everybody. All of our National income must be included in getting more Federal income or it won't work to balance the budget. The payroll tax rate must also be included in this. This goes back to 2000 as well when Pres. Bush was campaigning, trying to get 1/3 of SS payroll tax removed in order to let people invest it privately. Well we have done that now for 2 years. And young people say they can't afford to go back to the old 6.2% SS rate. Can they afford to decrease their future SS funding viability or "reason for being?"

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