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  • stage3time stage3time Jun 18, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    KMR even deeper value than KMP

    I noticed that funds like Alerion do not include a KMR. Fewer know it even exists. I mentioned this weekend I owned this and got shrugs, well how does that work? All spells less demand. We are entitled to same ownership as KMP. The spread got close but may go wider again. Someday they will equal. The fed is no where near tightening. Government needs the print down. I only see more value here. Someday will be $100. Government can't even get at my quiet distributions. This is a gift, a wonderful find. I have a bid at $80 to add a bit more. Good luck all. Stage 3, retirement income time.

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    • KMR is a holding company that holds KMP. It is to your advantage to buy it at a discount, it does not have the same rights on liquidation as KMP, but it does pay the same distrubution.

      They have already been equal, sometimes KMR sells at a premium when underwriters are selling KMP more than KMR. Kinder Morgan has a target of $102 from Deutsche Bank. But what does that mean. Do you think the energy revolution is over?

      Do you think Kinder will not raise the dividend any higher?

      What significance does $100 have?

      Hold on tight, you are doing alright. Look at the yield on cost (YOC), for anyone at anytime, who has held on to KMR for at least 5 quarters.

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      • You ask, What significance does $100 have? It is just a median type price that so many target. So many around that. Some $98 like Morningstar, and as you say DB $102. I see this monster volatility. Hurts. Misery. It is a mess people have to endure just to earn something on savings. No great answers but leg into these things slowly. At least I know what I own. Not some fly by night stock with no dividend. I leg in slowly, small monthly since back in March 2010. The downside of KMR you see now. KMP gets cash, we get more shares, but now I got more shares at a higher up price. Cash is better if shares fall. I'm not selling this one. Best of luck all.

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      • I have bot KMP 4 times in the last couple of weeks as it kept dropping, and I own several other MLPs. I am wondering why KM trades at a discount to KMP.....Morninstar rates them the exact same, with a Fair Value of 98, as they say the only difference is the way that the distributions are handled. The current $4 discount seems enticing, but from reading the board, it seems that it can be much larger at times. Thank you for your thoughts!