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  • barry_obummer barry_obummer Sep 4, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    Hedgeye on the prowl shorting Kinder Morgan

    I did warn some investors that Hedgeye revealed (by some initial blog comments) that they would be attacking Kinder Morgan, similar to their short attack on LNCO/LINE. This has become a formula attack by Hedgeye that successfully drove down the price of LNCO by scaring off investors. Longs who know Kinder Morgan have nothing to fear.

    But expect: negative Barron's articles; Kurt Wolfe attacks; Jim Kosthyrz at Seeking Alpha calling Kinder Morgan a "Ponzi"; maybe an SEC investigation; maybe some fear driven downgrades; etc. The script has been written. We have seen this movie before. But unlike LNCO, the government has been through Kinder Morgan accounting records before due to previous acquisitions.

    For long time holders, this is a buying opportunity. If KMR drops to $68-$73 range, I may buy some more. But buckle up your seat belts for a rough ride and enjoy the scenery while forgetting about the short term bumps in the road- courtesy of short sellers. My personal view is KMR will be $100 in 5 years- but if it takes a little longer, I can wait.

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    • I've been seeing the Kurt Wolfe "McDepp Report" stuff for so long it's laughable. I'm expecting some sort of bad news after the close based on how much this is down, but if all it is is some short-seller, I'd be surprised *any* short has the clout to knock this company around like this. LNCO is a lemonade stand compared to KMx. The only genuine bad news I can think of that would do this is Kinder retiring or taking a medical leave or something.

      I bought some more KMI this afternoon. Buying KMx on the dips has been the most reliable way to make money I've ever seen, I'll keep doing it until it stops working. I remember watching Kinder on TV testifying to Congress when the Enron hearings were on in 2002 or 2003 while the stock price was literally dropping with every question, and buying shares then because it was so bogus.