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  • nsupper1 nsupper1 Dec 30, 2009 8:29 PM Flag

    Decisions are being Made Now Preparing For MWE And Its Future

    Run: I saw that trade of 30m I had A small buy order in at 29.00 and last trade was 29.06 and then next trade was50 something. Nice MKT order I guess. I sure would like to buy at 29.00 or 28.50 abt 5% below this week hi

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    • nsupper

      >>>I sure would like to buy at 29.00 or 28.50 abt 5% below this week hi<<<

      So would I. The problem is are you willing to let it go higher without buying if it doesn't come down to your price?
      What makes you believe that $29.00 is OK to buy at, and $29.01 is not and you are willing to let it go without buying?
      Don't be surprised if on Monday January 4 MWE trades up $1.00 or $2.00 after year-end tax selling is finished. In the last 3 days MWE has traded down -$0.02 -$0.04 -and -$0.10 a total of -$0.16 to $29.43.
      Seven trading days before that MWE started at $27.32. A net gain of $2.11 in the last 2 weeks
      The last 3 days shows me that buying is coming in when the sellers trying to take tax losses and they want to buy. Tomorrow is the last day of the year. Should be interesting.