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  • jcrane72053 jcrane72053 Mar 12, 2012 8:06 PM Flag

    What is this offering priced at?

    buyandwin, your words are reassuring. I hope that you are correct in your assessment that everything will be fine.

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    • Hi jcrane:

      this is how they grow. They sell units or issue debt. They take the money and build infrastructure (processing plants, pipelines, compressor stations, a 200 railcar rail yard etc.) They collect, process, distribute and ship the fluids on long term contracts. The profits are distributed in mostly tax deferred increasing distrubutions to the unit holders. Here is a link to MWE's past history of distribution payments from the IPO in 2002 to now

      I've been through this many times and IMHO it is just business as usual. A time to buy on the dip before it continues on higher whenthe projects currently being built are completed and become operational.


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      • HI Buy..''I read every post that your guys make, and I am learning..I have thoughts that this is the APPLE of the MLP's..(JMO), but I knew they were getting into overbought area, and would have sold today(at least half) looking for a new entry, but spring is here and didn't get home till market closed..Boy,, timing is every thing. Just going to spin tires for the next 4-7 weeks..if you go back to the Dec offering, and the price in the next fews days, all we have to show for 4 months is 73 cent dividend, and maybe 4% growth. Would love to have the money I had at 2:00 avail for the next few days..But not complaining..have made nice money on this stock so far, but started to think you could buy/hold with this one..But still better than fighting the up's and down's with other stocks. Thanks again to everyone for all the information they write..This is going to be a great stock in the coming years. I am just not going to look at the puter for the next 4-5 weeks lol