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  • xdubson xdubson Jan 15, 2013 12:46 PM Flag

    MWE stock is dumping again.

    Need to hold $52 level this time. Otherwise STRONG SELL. Stock will drop much more.

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    • I agree, miserable performance. Other MLP's go up, MWE goes down, Other MLP' go down, MWE goes down. Last year MWE flatlined, other mlps go up 25% y-o-y (at least mine did overall). Buyandwin need not reply to this msg.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Tealeaves:

        ---Buyandwin need not reply to this msg.
        Sentiment: Strong Sell---

        I'm sorry that MWE didn't perform up to your expectations last year. MWE can only control the business they do. They cannot control the stock performance. That is controlled by the buyers and sellers that invest in MWE.

        Over the years MWE has given me two types of profits.
        1)Distributions that are mostly tax deferred --and
        2)Capital appreciation in the price of MWE units that is fully tax deferred until I choose to sell the units.

        So last year MWE paid me $3.16 per unit and I used that mostly tax deferred money to pay my bills and even allowed me to buy some more CHEAP UNITS so that the 2013 MWE distributions hopefully will pay my 2013 bills in the inflation period that I believe is coming.

        Meanwhile MWE keeps growing and building and is a year closer to huge growth in their DCF in 2013-14 and going forward.
        Many of us here are long term investors with no reason to sell MWE and pay huge taxes on all the deferred income we have received to date. The important part in my mind is CONTINUED INCREASED DISTRIBUTIONS going forward. If unit prices remain at these levels for a while it presents the opportunity to bulk up your potfolio with more units at cheaper prices for MORE MOSTLY TAX DEFERRED DISTRIBUTIONS.

        The poor performance of MWE in 2012 has taken MWE out of the limelight and discouraged the gunslingers that drive the price up- then take their money out and drive the price down. And here we are back where we were last year.. Except today I own 3% more units than I did last Jan 1, 2012 and all my bills are paid. with the $3.16 in mostly tax deferred distributions I received.

        The growth will take place in the future. And it will be faster, because there was no unit price growth in 2012 --and most important I will have 3% more units than I would have had if the price went up in 2012.

        good luck

    • Chicken Little is back.... the world is ending, the world is ending..

    • There was a new IPO today that is a MLP and its yield is 9%
      so maybe money is moving into it?