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  • nymarv10956 nymarv10956 Apr 7, 2013 10:45 PM Flag

    No more and I drop the attack on ETP.

    You probably rival Liza on # of different mlp's and have the ultimate mutual fund Without further ado I also have 2 minds. My IRA has become a trading vehicle while my brokerage account is my bond. I have rotated my stategy. I have in my IRA returned as I said a few months ago to CC's and have a goal of 12 1/2 % for this year. I was caught in FEB with a 80% cash position. I have slowly returned to mlp market and have been buying Leaps in {PAA WPZ EPD KMP in 2014 and 2015 There is almost no premium, I can easily exercise the option just before a distribution and when the market turns positive. I am staying with only those who are giving guidance of 8-10% for next year. MWE is my largest position by a mile. In my IRA I hold WPZ CLMT QRE HEP PAA TRGP SXL NTI CVRR CVI KMP EPD EVEP In brokerage account in decreasing shares MWE NGLS EPD QRE BBEP KMP XREX MMLP LINE MMP. Folks alot of what B&W ARB HACH MONEY write about is the management of brokerage accounts and should be looked as guides and not a market letter It is to open your eyes to the sector.

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    • I figure I will buy a little more of this tomorrow. I am going to initiate some investments in the Cline with Devon and LPI (Laredo). Anyone investing in this shale?

    • Marv - While I have a large number of MLPs, they are almost all in the midstream area and it was interesting that few of my investments match yours. Also your comment about 80% cash in February - I felt the train had left me behind and I had 1/3 cash. The main thing is my goal is for an 8% to 9% return. To do that and lend stability I am using "dogs" of the market. In 2010 i was able to buy bank preferreds yielding 12-15% and they are now yielding significantly less, Last year I bought the beaten up MLPs where the headline story was much worse than the reality and those buys are now all up some 20%. Those purchases at about an average 9% yield or maybe a touch higher. The place where we have similar positions looks only to be with EPD and MWE. They are my top two as well.

      Definitely will need to look into buying some LEAPS. Used to do it. No idea why I stopped.

      Also, a bit of reasoning on my recent expansion into the MLP "dogs". While I am not a chartist, I did notice that once MLPs like BPL and ETP hit a certain price and yield they always bounced back off that price. The pattern repeated itself many times. I thus concluded - IF AND ONLY IF - I could see the company had a viable plan to go forward and a probability of increasing its distribution within a year or two, that I could use these investments instead of buying bonds. Sort of interesting that we had three large stable MLPs with a CAGR of basically ZERO that were investment grade. Why would the stock pay a distribution of 8-9% and their bonds about 4%. That is why I bought lots of BWP, BPL, and ETP. A completely different reasoning from why most people would buy a MLP.

      Last, I do not have the ultimate MLP mutual fund. The number of K-1s for last year was doubled because of putting my units into a trust. Thus I got a JT/WROS K-1 for Jan-June and a REV/Trust K-1 for July to Dec. Totaling your positions - the total is almost exactly the same as mine

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      • Very glad for your retorts. It opens for viewing different strategies which this group being unique at sharing. I have followed CS for the fact that I have a schwab account and get their newsletter. That is why I hestated buying ngls after the run up and found trgp. I followed some of your dog facination and bought XTEX and QRE. %wise doing well. I just don't get EPD at a penny a quarter it doesn't warrant the price.SXL promises 5% a quarter for rest of year coverage over 2.2. Why leaps 2015 able to buy LINE EPD PAA KMP at almost no premium. If exercised the distribution almost what premium was.WPZ 8-10% promise and NG price now $4- 4.50. As far a a crystal bowl. ETP CEO made a call on NG about 6 years ago. The price went down then sale propane-shift to mid stream-etc. MWE the call is treatment-ethane-propane and contrary to your thoughts remember EPD was dead in water for 3 years as Duncan built-PAA was dead in water as oil storage was built and midsteam grew for 3 years-WPZ WMB for 2 years refineries retail is sold and so on.Also Cohen virtually destroyed APL until shale revolution saved him As always regards

    • nymarv
      no gel huh my largest winner and my largest position as of now.logistics r the winners as of now.
      however this ,as usual,can change in a heartbeat.
      im not going to bore u with my folio except to say it has done well i have few positions but all extensive since i believe in concentration in a few favs.
      however i am always alert to change.
      my one mistake was selling paa much to early and for that im sorry.
      however that being said i except my folio to do well at least 2014 into 2015 which should be the zenith for most mlps.for what its worth mwe is my second largest position.

      good investing.

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      • CS newsletter 4/8 is still solid with gel tp 52

      • You bring up the most important item on mlp's. There are many that did, are and will do the future. Hach is the most knowledgeable on gel. When I bought it for the period I had it ,price went down. I can't have everything and again emplore you my rants are NOT a market letter but a stock market view by ONE PERSON at the moment it is written. It is just a break from the progress that MWE is making and to counteract the childish comments by some. I again state that there are different sub sectors in mlp's and you should be knowledgeable about the rotation in them. These people that sign on for life with 1 are not in the market. There are those who just look at bond return
        and think they are hero's. Many years ago during Hach-Arb-and my time a individual and father of mlp investing showed that distribution increase-coverage and total YEAR return was the answer. Chartney ran about 10 mlp's and showed that over time mlp's should return about 14% a year. That should be everybody's goal THE END

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