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  • ake05bono ake05bono Jun 14, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    Any indication that Houston(PA) Ethane column/train is complete?

    If I remember correctly, ethane should be available next month from Houston(PA) for shipment via Mariner West to NOVA in Sarnia,Canada. If so, the ethane separation unit at Houston(PA) should be in test operation now. Anybody here anything? Thank you.

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    • during investor day it was stated Houston Fractionator will come on line in "June" which means should translate into ready to ship in July/Aug with pipeline ready

    • Not much to add except from June conference slide SXL had Mariner West at Jul/August start up. As I said in Feb took a very major position in SXL for forseeable future or until ETP buys them

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      • actually i was directly invested in sxl at one point, but now invest in sxl through etp. it the cheaper more high yielding way to get access to sxl in my estimation ( l know there is baggage with etp but I feel benefit of owning sxl thru etp is worth the baggage)

      • Think you'll do well with SXL, boy 5-year long term chart is pretty hard to beat. I think they could perhaps run a new line across PA to increase capacity to the Philly side of the state. I would not be surprised of even a crude line. Understand PBF in DE is having problems with crude unit trains blocking roads and local govt. is scared of a derailment. Pipeline is the answer. I am interesting in another pipeline, SXL tops the list, hoping for upper 50's one day, but that may be wishful thinking. Any thoughts on how future FED action could impact unit prices?

    • As I recall last couple of trips in the area, MWE ethane pipeline(s) to the north are well underway and/or mostly completed. As I understand, though haven’t eye witnessed, HDD under the Ohio to SXL on the other side is or has been underway. As far as Mariner East, I think the ROW is just about planned out, with a few snags here and there. Work on the Liberty site is ongoing with much progress. So I would guess by the end of the year or first qtr 2014, ethane should begin to flow at least for RRC.

    • late july/early august seems to be the common thread in earlier posts from mwe, nova and sxl

    • I don't have any personal knowledge, but Range's latest investor presentation gives startup of de-ethanization in 3Q13 and Mariner West by 2H13. Page 38. I believe earlier presentations said mid year or 2Q.

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