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  • steveschrift steveschrift Jul 26, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

    This looks like a double top onthe weekly charts

    I am waiting for lower prices in the comming months

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    • Mwe is yielding under 5% there are many higher paying dividend stocks out there that blow that yield away. Most people are in this for the yield not the growth. As the yield drops les and less of a market for buyers means limited growth with low yield. If you wan't a high yielding distribution buy PSEC it's a BDC company and they pay a distribution every month it yields 12% blows MWE away.

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      • steve
        psec is like a high yielding bond fund with no growth and perfect for a retirement acct if thats what u seek.
        my cost yield on mwe much higher then 5%in fact more then double plus killer growth in the past and heading into the future.
        if u were smart u would have bought mwe or some of the other mlpsseveral years back when yields were considerably higher.
        obviously u should stick to cds.
        stop giving your moronic advice on this board.
        most of this boards contributors are to sophisticated for u.
        stop posting and just read from this boards contributors and learn

      • Steve:

        I don't know what you have against MWE, but that is your problem, you shouldn't try to make it our problem. And by the way I also own PSEC in addition to MWE and I can say from experience " PSEC can't compare to MWE" PSEC is alright but IMHO MWE has been far superior in the past,in the present and projected going forward the next few years.

        For better or worse---thats my opinion.

    • Like I said before this stock will see much lower prices in the months to come. You can ride it out or sell now and buy back later your choice. Double top in the weekly chart is confirmed.

    • Why?

    • Hi Steve:
      You said ***I am waiting for lower prices in the comming months*** You might have to wait a long time. As each processing plant gets completed and starts generating more DCF it should increase the rate of distribution growth per quarter. That in turn will help support the MWE unit price if the overall market is soft and it will also make any lagging of the unit price become an even more compelling buy than it is currently. EIGHTEEN PROCESSING PLANTS ARE IN LINE TO BE COMPLETED BY DECEMBER 2014. And we can reasonably expect that there will be additional work planned as the future unfolds.


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      • What will derail mlp's in the near term is the creeping 10 year treasury. Everytime it goes over 2.60% the market sells off. Therefore even though MWE has the greatest of prospects it is in direct competetion with interest rates.So for Aug-Sept- months ahead what is expected Hurricaines hitting Gulf-interest 10 year interest rise-stalling housing market-market sidewise action- The positives to look out for are ,no move of treasuries 10 yr over 2.6%-Yellen appointed-no hurricaines hitting gulf-Keystone approved-curious george not campaining and compromising before debt limit with republicans We are going into landmine season As always Marv

    • I suggest you look at the other end of chart namely that MWE has higher lows. Also MLP's to which I think you are abstract about runs a 3 month cycle mostly reflecting distribution cycles. P.S. next 3 months are most treacherous to group.HURRICAINES

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