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  • bjfcpainc bjfcpainc Jul 30, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

    Credit Suisse puts MWE on Focus List w/$83 price target

    Great news that more and more analysts starting to simply look beyond short term issues in Utica like how much CHK got for an acre of land. There is a significant long term story under way.

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    • Continueation of CS call. The group has the following distributions Estimates 2013 $3.38--2014 $ 3.76 AND 2015 $ 4.31 These are projections so act accordingly

    • It is true but you have to read the report. It said cagr 2013 5%- 2014 and 2015 cagr 12.5% and same for next 3 years. It is a long term goal as J Edwards group does. They also have put trgp at 81 and sxl at 72 These are long TP's and act accordingly. I still think it is not a straight up ride. We still have hiccups of interest rates-commodity prices-oil WTI dropping-and 3 month cycle. As always Marv

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      • Absolutely with have volatility ahead.... what has taken me back is at least with respect for my portfolio which holds best of breed my portfolio value has not dropped as much as I expected when Mr. Market made its first move to raise interest rates. I find that (in light of 2008/09) to be quite discomforting and am left to feel like the shoe that finally drops may be a lot heavier than expected.

        When you look at this bull market it is amazing but I am one of those who is so jaded by all that has happened... I think a big part is we need Obama gone so we can get a chance to have a president that isn't so focused on wealth redistribution and government as the only solution to our problems.

        Obama simply does not want to accept that a majority of congressional districts continue to elect politicians to stand against Obama.... I do not intentionally mix politics with investing here but I think it is a bigger part of the overall story that is happening in this most unusual period of time in our history.