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  • buyandwin buyandwin Sep 27, 2013 1:46 PM Flag

    JP Morgan

    JP Morgan just raised their MWE price target to $90.00 and reiterated their overweight position on the units


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    • Not too many folks make a 10+ "Bagger Call" like you did when MWE was in the canyon. Congratulations! (ANd thanks for convincing me to invest!!)

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      • Hi Akebono:
        You are welcome. In case you didn't notice MWE closed only $0.03 from the all time high of $71.60.
        When MWE breaks into new high ground the momentum will cause the price to jump $1.00 or more as it gets marked up to the next level. Remember Credit Suice recently put a target price of $85 in a year. Now the JP Morgan confirmation and $90 price target will bring more buyers to MWE. Then I believe MWE is scheduled to complet 6 processing plants of the 23 currently under construction in the fourth quarter of 2013. As each one comes on line That will provide more more DCF and cause MWE to increase the quarterly distributions to $0.02 or $0.03 each quarter instead of the current $0.01 per quarter.
        Akebone--did you notice I didn't even say one word about MWE and KMI in Louisiana and/or Texas.
        And then I like to remind you that while everyone is concentrating in the Marcellus and the Utica ---They never say one word about what they are doing in Michigan. They say nothing, but they are making money there and are strategically situated over a huge shale area and since they haven't sold it they must expect big money to be made there in the future.
        I would also expect the Cheasapeake EMG JV will in some way be beneficial to MWE in time.

        A lot going on on the table and probably even more under the table that we don't know yet.

        I also expect a 2 for 1 unit split when we reach $75 or $80.

        other than that everything is uneventful with MWE at the current time
        Best regards

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