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  • moneyonomics moneyonomics Jan 3, 2014 2:41 PM Flag

    Interesting comments on issues impacting pipe build outs in Marcellus/Utica. So far MWE seems to have managed these isuues well

    "...The build out of the Eureka Hunter gathering system in Ohio continues despite weather delays....The second Ohio line is known as the "Ormet Lateral" which is also a 20-inch line, approximately 80% completed at this time. Eureka Hunter's delays in the build out of the Ormet lateral has impacted Triad's ability to produce the Ormet Marcellus wells that have been successfully drilled, fraced, and tested. The pipeline construction delays are a reflection of the huge increase in activity for both the Marcellus and Utica resource plays. All pipeline construction companies are fully engaged in this region and pipeline appurtenances have caused very long lead items. The Company projects that the Ormet lateral will be completed by mid to late February barring any further weather delays. The necessary liquids handling equipment should be installed by mid-March. ..."

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    • The contrast between MHR and MWE iin how work gets done and reported is amazing sometimes. MWE is one of the "No News is Good News" type firms. Very disciplined,very well organized, VERY QUIET. There are times I would like MWE to have more of a PR presence in reporting the good news around timely plant openings, new customers gained etc. however, you can't argue with timelines that are set and met with regularity. For example, we know that there are a couple of 200 MM cuft/day cryo plants that went commercial in the past several weeks, but we haven't seen any announcements. We also know that the Hopedale fractionator goes on line in weeks,but haven't seen any PR..and through Range who know that Mariner West is running from MWE. But I'll tell you one thing: were I an Ohio pipe fitter with a family I would want to work for MWE instead of being jerked around by Team Hunter!

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      • MWE steadily keeps building value while investors shift from optimism to pessimism and back on a regular basis causing the large price swings we have from time to time.

        "The price is what you pay. The value is what you get"---Warren Buffett

        The less MWE says the better opportunity we have to buy inexpensive shares based upon the increasing value of the newly completed projects with both previous and new customers.


    • What constitutes a "weather delay" for anything Eureka Hunter or any division of MHR does? Why are other companies able to anticipate the need for pipe and everything else they need including qualified people to install/build and not MHR? At least this one is not being blamed on MWE . . . . LOL