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  • nymarv10956 nymarv10956 Jan 9, 2014 2:30 PM Flag

    CS target prices. I would appreciate other company listings

    ETE 98 -MWE 83-PAA 62-MMP 70-GEL 60-TLLP 60-EPD 70-EQM-65-TRGP 100-WES 67-WGP 48 This is my contribution to board. I do not recommend any of these mlp's. Take it for what it is worth Marv

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    • I went into investor village and found these Deutsche Bank BPL 80 EPD 74 ETE 94 EQM 62 MMP 76 ETP 66 KMP 82 TRGP 102 and SXL 81 RGP 30 Barclays CQP 34 CQH 22 Merril ETP 61 MWE 80 PAA 60 GLP 41 MMLP 49 TLLP 59 That is all I have Marv

    • Marv - The price targets for just about everyone is listed on Investor Village MLP site by Passandshoot.

    • EMES, USAC, OILT--check them out. I am long all the above mentioned. Cheers

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Thinking the MWE target is possible, but we must watch external developments. Uderstand GPOR missed on production. Them as well as AR took a good hit the past few days. Another unclear futrure is Act 13 related. Lets hope for example RRC does not lower its 20-25% production guidance. That is having to tap dance around to see where and where not they can develop.

      Having that said, on the charting side, retracement rules have more often tha not worked well for myself. I use it for enrty or adding to an current position. I don't use then for trading in and out, but if that works for some good for them. Understand growth and distribution grow and coverage are important. Perhaps more importantly, the E&P outfit growth variances. Though MWE maintained above 62, [50%), it could still far to mid 50's this year. Your 10-year bill yeild concern yet could trigger that among other things noted above. Would I sell MWE, NO, but will consider adding should we get to the mid- upper 50's. My cost basis is just too low, there are just too many other investments alternatives outside of the mlp arena, for me, to pass on.

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      • The % growth of distributions reflects how mlp's are judged. and priced... E and P are judged by reserves and oil Brent WTI price,and % of gas or oil over last quarter found and cost each unit to produce. Of two AR is far superior.The 10 yr bill reflects the tapering of bond purchased by fed. Recent selloff was market reflecting a higher than 3% 10 year. Unemployment figures reflect growth of economy reflect how many bonds purchased reflect competetion with mlp's for yield. You cannot discount analysts. ETE split today put on focus group of CS today therefore up 3+ As always Marv

    • BOA/ML Targets
      ETE 88 MWE 80 PAA 60 MMP 62 GEL 55 EPD 72 EQM 66 TRGP 88 WES 64 MEMP 25 NGLS 57 BPL 75 ETP 61