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  • moneyonomics moneyonomics Apr 29, 2014 10:41 AM Flag

    RRC Super Well in Southern Marcellus

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    RRC Super Well .
    RRC reported a well last night in the Southern Marcellus which IP'd at 13 MMCF , 1356 condensate , 2781 NGLS !
    Or the equivalent of over 6,000 BOE a day . WOW !
    PS. RRC has had a nice run lately , I don't own it [ wish I had } .

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    • I read the Alpha Transcript. This was on a pad where they have already fracked several wells. The pad is constrained at 50 million a day due to the size of the gathering line. LOL. Anyway I am beginning to join the ranks of a number of people who think that once a formation is fracked you will get better fracks because the pressure has been built up in the strata from the prior fracks. Frackers say they never get the best frack at the end of the lateral. People theorize that it is harder to get the propant sand to flow out to the end but I don't buy it. I think it is because as one fracks back along the lateral the pressure builds up in the strata due to prior fracks. One company, I believe EQT, claims they get a better Marcellus frack where they have fracked the Upper D above.

      Fracking is getting to be an increasing interesting science now that frackers are studying just what happens when they frack a zone. Some companies claim that they now read the logs and will not frack in some places where they could have a stage frack due to the geology of the rock.

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      • Intar,

        Think the highest IP wells announced this past Q1 are on a new 5-well pad. Got an idea which pad it is. The other two were on an existing pad, drilled two years ago. Even though, the two new wells on the existing pad were 4x better, and cost even though they were longer laterals and RCS, still came in at over 800,000 each to drill and complete due to the legacy infrastructure already in place. Note noted much is the great Upper Dev. done also announced a few months back. IP is 10 mmcf/d consisting of 4.0 mmcf/d gas, 172 bbls condensate, and 826 bbls NGLs. So that's pretty good. CNX also had an Upper Dev. to the south at 3 mmcf/d for close to a year now and is still producing at 2.9 mmcf/d to date.

        I noted on the RRC board a few years ago regarding the intrinsic value of RRC staked play. Thinking most blew it off. But we are just beginning to see that value now. I am happy to have a multi-year position in RRC. By the way they just sold off and traded some land assets with EQT. RRC took control over Virginia CMB, and upper Dev., adding to acreage they already had in the area. EQT will get Permian assets, and turn over VA stacked assets, including gathering midstream infrastructure, in addition to paying RRC 145 million. The dry Marcellus as well as the dry Utica are looking good also.

    • There were some comments in the CC about a couple of newer downspaced wells. I believe Ray Walker took a question about spacing and effective frac length. He didn't think they would get to 150' spacing, but he thought 250' was possible. I look forward to reading the transcript later.

    • actual results-Marcellus super-rich well tested at 24-hour rate of 6,357 boe per day, or 38.1 Mmcfe per day (65% liquids), with a 7,065 foot lateral and 36 frac stages. This is the highest rate Marcellus well in the southwest portion of the play drilled to date by any operator